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Peter wrote this and VTL wholeheartedly concurred.

"Since Gouyave is the 'only parish' that has maintained its strong roots from 150 years of creating the Creole "Composite People", I think this would be a good read."

I am left , with my limited knowledge and education to wonder. What does this really really mean? Up to when I sat school leaving, Gouyave was "only" a town, or small fishing village, in the parish of St. Johns. When did it become a parish? was it during the Revo and they didn't tell anybody? But you guys wen even further, stating that it was "the only parish that maintained its strong roots of creating the creole composite people". Seriously, can you point to a statistic, or a text of any kind, historical or otherwise that would support that premise? Don't bother looking, that unicorn does not exist.

If Donald Trump was born in Grenada, he was born in the French Quarter, where everything and everyone is the best, the greatest, and the one and only.It is no wonder that fishing is the preferred pastime in that sector, where big-fish stories are king."If you think this 'petit neg' is big, you should have seen the one that got away, it almost swamped the boat.

I have always been puzzled by those who write scholarly treatises,positing solutions and clarifications, to issues that really does not exist in the real world. Genome research has made crystal clear what most black and white people, have long accepted as fact. Race mixing in general and the "slave trade" in particular have so blurred the lines of "Origin" that it is ignorant, and foolhardy, for most mixed race people any where to trace their roots through four or five generations.

For those creoles that we speak of, the tracers must travel through 400 years. Maybe they can begin at the Slave Markets of Goree Island off the Senegalese Coast. A collection point for slaves from all over Western and Central Africa . Here slaves were bought , sold and shipped as cattle off to the Caribbean and South America, where the came from were inconsequential nor would they be names that we would recognize. And then in the "New World" every attempt was made to separate tribes families and social groups, So who is out there making claims regarding specialized Origin.

On the white hand side, if you were the seed of the Straw boss, indentured servant, or God Forbid Massa's wife or daughters, "Cuccut eat your nanna." Ain't nobody claiming you, so the trace of your origin stops at the plantation gate, or at whichever far flung location you are shipped off to.Personally I have no desire, to know which lions my ancestors ran from, or from which of the Scottish Highland clans my great-grandfather hailed. In factmy favorite drink is Rivers, but I would even drink Clarke's Court before Scotch. Ugh! sacrilegious.