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Re: Whale meat in St Vincent.

HEY st paul Whats wrong with Whale meat ?? LOL many people across d world eats Shark meat,and other Sea Fish,some of us Drink Oil made from Whale and Shark,i know whale is protected in certain parts of d World,But for some people Whale Meat is not harmful. (MY TAKE ON D SUBJECT)

Oh notting! As a bowy my grandmother use to cook whale meat with green peas and that was the BEST meal I ever had! They are a good source of needed protein.

My beef with all this is with them folks from the developed nations arrogance. I wish they would see the bigger problem our people are having. We eat Whales because it is one of our easiest source of protein. We do not do it because we are insensitive to mammals and are uncivilized. Threatening to use the economic power they have over us to force us to live in their image and likeness is arrogant big stick policy. I was under the impression that we in the Americas have learned over the decades to respect each other and not treat less powerful neighbors like bowys on their plantations. You don’ t insult you weaker nation neighbor by insisting that they pay for a wall to keep their poorer more desperate citizen out of your country who are just trying to feed their children – may I say the same kind of children you feel sorry for that are supposedly gassed by Hassid of Syria, and you feel is worth going to war for!

We just want to feed our people! No one say anything thing when the hunt all the blue fine Tuna from the ocean! So why pick on us? It is simple: because they are bullies and they know we cannot fight back! We have leaders whose only strength is to go hat in hand begging for loans and “gifts” that keeps us dependent for generations! Oh yes – ah VEX! Let them people hawl their ass!

Re: Whale meat in St Vincent.

LOL LOL,C U point st paul,on that I agree with all that u say,( Nice Day )

Re: Whale meat in St Vincent.

Maybe it is not a good idea to eat these Whales. After reading this: