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!000 Mexicans


Fresh from spending a month at Fedon's Camp, Talkshop Selwyn strode into the shop and announced to everybody. "Sello is back in Town!! For the next hour we we had to listen to his stories of how life is in the Hills. First of all he say he is a spiritual man, and he went up there to smoke,... ah mean meditate, hoping to find the true meaning of life, and answers for the problems, plaguing the country. He informed us that it was so cold up there, that monkey had to wear fur coat. For food, he put a pot on fire wid some shaddo benne, and hide in the bush, next thing you know tatoo and manicou so cold, dey jump in, as if its a hot tub, and "Blam!" he slam down the cover, weight it with a stone, and wait for the bush-meat brime, to stew down.

Then Saltfish-Head go and ask him if he wuzzen fraid at night. He said he was a spiritual man, and once he smoke the holy herb, and sprinkle some holy water he brought up dey there was nothing to fear. But one night Gabriel appeared to him in a vision. Jumbie who grow up in the church, before he turn to rum, ask, "How do you know was the Angel Gabriel, did he blow his trumpet? Sello responded, "Bwoy you too ass, not dat Gabriel, Leader Gabriel from Maran. He show up in the vision wid six women wid long white robes and red head tie, beating drum and shaking shack shack.
A whole pint of Clarkes Court slipped from somebody's hand and crashed to the floor, Not a sooler moved, they were all spell bound by Selwyn's story. Then Jumbie pipe up and say "So what happen next." Leader stepped forward, the singing and drumming stop, he take some ashes from the fireside, and make a cross on my forehead and said "Get 1000 Mexicans. with that the singing and drumming start again and they vanish , Just like dat.

For seven days and seven nights I stay up dey waiting for Gabriel to come back and explain what he meant, but he never did. From up there you can see the whole island, it is beautiful, and green and full of bush. In fact if we could have packeted bush and ship it we would be a rich country. Which reminded me that there was a time, when we used to ship cocoa nutmeg and bananas almost every week from Grenada. Yeah, that was before all ah we decide to turn our backs on agriculture, and fly off to Hinglang, Canadah and the USA, or to look for office job. So the bush take over, and the rain forest has come to town. Mean while our food is produced in Hingland Canadah and the USA, perhaps by some of our own people who fled their own land, to go Foreign.

By now Selwyn had slipped into a trance like state as he continued. " No sooner than I get to Clozier Junction, I stop in a shop and the TV say that President Trump is building a wall to keep Mexicans, from coming over the border. I almost had a heart attack. Mexicans, Mexicans, what is it with Mexicans. I call for a shot of Clarkes Court, and as the spirits hit my throat, I got it. That is the answer to our problems. Just like Leader had prophesied, 1000 Mexicans! import them as migrant workers , and unleash them to de-bush and replant the forests and abandoned lands with commodities that we could export or eat right here fresh. As for meat Let them same Mexicans rear pigs, and goats and chicken, for we

Then Saltfish Head say "Selwyn you mad, you smoke too much ah weed, you doh know dat unemployment is 50% in this country, you want dem to bring in Mexicans, what is my children and all Grenadians going to do,?" Selwyn snapped out of his trance and stated, they will do what some of them did after Ivan, lime on the side of the road and laugh at the workers as they pass by on their way to work. Anyway we have ah record, and a reputation to upkeep, as de number one, liquor drinking nation in the Americas. Numero Uno as we Mexican amigos would say. Oh an by de way if Mexicans too expensive we can bring back de Venezuelans, dog cheep. Pass de Rivers.

Re: !000 Mexicans

HEY DOWNSTREET,Selwyn forget to say (TIM,TIM)before he start telling he NANCY STORY,Read through 3 times(,Monkey jump into d pot) LOL LOL.SO by now SELWYN must have Woken UP LOL,Enjoyable

Re: !000 Mexicans

Very NICE! I like de wey you put tings!

It will make a nice story for us - like this:


But, Grenadian style!