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D Street Sah!

After reading the "Gospel according to St. Paul" here on Gogouyave some weeks ago and his several books on the development of WE hybred genes, ah decided to take ah little sabbatical from the shop in order to give my hybrid brain cells a chance to reengineer themselves again, into a workable compilation of the grey matter. This unprecedented action would now become a continuing exercise; the equivalent of your sojourn in the backwoods of Clozier to engage in a yin-yang (Chinese high) with your inner self, with the aid of some possible form of Cannabis, no doubt. Hopefully this metasticization would develop into a better quality stem group and afford me the ability to decipher the difference between the contents of our Grenadian Perseverance Dump and the "Swamp" that is being drained here in the US.

My inside source tells me that despite the lallied stagnency of the water in the swamp being changed, the Wildlife Preservation and Conservation group had gathered all the Alligators, Rats and poisonous Snakes and placed them right back in the Swamp with fresh water. And while the Vultures are hovering overhead in search of dead carcass, "Jane Broadbelt" was seen sporting a $51,000 pom-pom jacket while sa-shaying herself up the stairs of Airforce One.

Now we are hearing that one of the Chicken Hawks of this Machiavellian group were busily engaging their Russian Cousins to set up a private communication network in the Kremlin to do their private dealings.

And all the while they were telling us it was "the Kenyan" we should not trust, eh!

Who out there can defend this?

Where is McConnell?

Where is Ryan?

Where are our home-grown talkshopers, Observer and Rafsangani?

Ohhhhhhh what ah country!

The Monsieur from the French Quarters