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That's how we dey!

Isn't it interesting that our people seem to prefer reading and posting on Facebook instead of our own GoGouyave. This site is almost dead!!!!!!

Don't misunderstand me, I certainly have no problem whatsoever with Facebook, but don't we understand that GoGouyave is our own version of Facebook albeit on a significantly smaller scale. It's my view that that very small scale is where its appeal and usefulness should triumph. Why? Because the internet makes it accessible wherever we are, we are able to speak to a captive audience who are people we know, like our old padners, brothers, sisters etc. etc. We don't have to worry about whether they understand the lingo we use or not, for after all we are conversing among ourselves, keeping in touch with our homefolks and knowing what is going on at home.

Perhaps the long and short of it is that we will always choose to prefer others than what is our very own. We'll never give it credence and praise until others praise it. In other words we'll continue to appear as if we are incapable of appreciating what is ours without the final rubber stamping by some one else. That's how we dey!