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"Ah Got Sane, And Ah Strap-On Me Guns Again!"/Den Dash! Lunatics

My favorite social and political commentary Artist and Satirist, Dr. Hollis Liverpool (Sobriquet, Chalkdust) had come to my rescue and provided me with this theme that I found apropo to this disastrous path of utter "dohtishness" that our government has embarked upon. And Just when I had decided to "pack-up my guns on the Gogouyave Talkshop shelf", and leave the fight for those younger ones, I learned of the "Fire and Fury like the world had never seen before" comment coming from the mouth of "The Don". And that was followed by another "sleeping pill" from him saying "Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely". He seem to have fully transitioned his braggadocious, bloviating, melomaniacal and self-aggrandizing qualities of his business acumen into a new culture of political discourse; a precursor to his percieved leadership strength; at lease, so he thinks.

And when again, we received the assurance from his Secretary of State, "The Tilli" --in his desperate attempt to walk back the POTUS Tripe --saying that "We can all sleep well at night", just like Chalkdust, I awoked from my slumber, "got sane and ah strap-on me guns again".

These are the diplomatic words we all have become accustomed to hearing, coming from the mouths of those in our Executive Branch of government. And they firmly believe that "We! The People" would interpret their "caca paler" (paying homage here  to my patois speaking ancestors) as strong and decisive reactionary measures designed to save our hasses.

Ohhhhhhh America! America! America! What have you become?; descending so low below the status of "Thirdworldism" while touting the morals and vertues of a super power to us on a suicidal note pad. It took you just 230+ days to become the laughing stalk of the world all over again; behaving like a defanged Lion who must now feed on the putered carcases of rodents. Why in heaven's name did we succumb to this bottomless pit when all the evidence of a deranged mind were steering at us in the face? He was the kind of specimen that would have baffled Behavioral Scientists like Sigmund Freud or Jean Piaget. Would someone put a hand and deliver us from this tormentuous twitting political Hermaphrodite character, who day after day contaminates our airwaves with weapons grade pollutants?. How much longer should we endure what has now become the curtain call for a Barnum and Bailey Circus act, with this Clown at center stage?

During calmer times, when political adversaries practiced some semblance of diplomacy, the most direct verbal confrontation were limited to broad overtures. One can remember Ronald Reagan's 1987 directive to Gorbachev to "Tear down this wall" (referring not so much to the Berlin Wall that had separated East from West Germany but the wall of divison between Western political values of democracy and those of Soviet Style Socialism). This rhetoric had escalated to a more bellicose approach as in Bush's 2001 edict of wanting Osama Bin Laden "dead or alive". Obama's "Red line in the sand" comment on Assad's use of chemical weapons against his own people in Syria, was met with a Congress that exposed America's soft under belly and showed how embarrassing these pronouncements can be when they do not materialize.

This latest "Trump Card" however, supersedes all because of the percieved level of destruction we would face in light of Kim Jong-un's threat to continue cultivating his nuclear ambitions. But what does it mean when one draws a parallel between levels of destruction that would befall another as a result of their own incompliance to conduct proper political discourse? Does this mean the inevitability of a preemptive strike, one where "A Win" would mean the sacrifice of 10 million deaths of our people for 75 million of theirs on the entire peninsula?

The much touted theory of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) which for decades had been part of our political lexicon, had comforted us with a false equivalent to justify our existence in dealing with our adversaries. It implies the practice of a zero-some game which can only be measured in humanistic and economic terms, while providing a guarantee for maintaining one's autonomy; at lease, so we had been told.

And while men like defamed Pakistani Nuclear Scientist, A.Q. Khan seem to support this idea of nuclear proliferation as a deterrence, they fail to understand that some countries  government structural designed does not provide for any checks and balances as a deterrence to its use, hence increasing the likelihood of a possible Armageddon.

One of its major shortcomings is its reliance on the Devils pack of mass suicide. It defies the realities of any cost benefit analysis and reduces the people to the equivalent of pawns to be used in a winless game. It is indeed the ultimate false logic of existance, in that we all must be killed first as a means of coming to an agreememt. Another drawback is that nuclear armament can be used as an entrenchment of dictatorial and despotic powers, the likes as we had seen in South Africa, Libya and now, North Korea. In those three cases one can ask, are/were their nuclear power designed to deter the intervention of outside forces or to maintain those inwardly in the name of autonomy?

So as these leaders continue to thump their chests while keeping us hostage under their various forns of government, the internal unrest continues. Their boasting of that nuclear might theory seems now to have found an accommodation with its appropriate acronym .....MAD (lunatics, if I may add) to describe all those who ascribed to it. And when I think that most of their families would be safely tucked away in some high-tech designed bunker facility, leaving my hass out there to fry, the least I can do is fret!.

Monsieur Louison From The French Quarters