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Re: Changes coming

Hi Arthur:

Arthur, as always, I am grateful for this forum and the hard work you put into setting up and maintaining it through the years. The reason for my not posting as before is that I have been awfully busy and maybe mentally tired. I have to admit that I have been spending any free internet time on reading the news recently; absolutely first thing in the am, I swipe across my phone to see what happened overnight - am I the only one left alive in America?

Anyway, I will lend my two cents to this discussion. Please keep the forum going. Things run in cycles and hopefully it can get a jump start again. I would agree with Downstreet and say let it be general. How can one divide into serious or/and other discussion. To me there is a great attraction in having a serious topic being explained or expounded on in a lighthearted manners and as a result I am quite shocked that of all people the Frenchman suggested it.

As to saying that we should just leave it up to you to choose seems a bit too dismissive of your efforts in setting something up out of your love of Gouyave and Gouyaverians/Grenadians and I would think myself unappreciative to fall in with that mode of thought. That said, I know that some non posters would at any given time complain that TS has nothing going on or was not "fun" at any given time, but said person/persons would have never made as much as one post. Once you make that initial post it is not too hard so they should try.

Please keep the TS going Arthur! Time permitting and/or other reasons, we will all be back plus with some more talkshoppers.

Again, thank you!

Re: Changes coming

AM, you and dat boi from Downstreet, take it lite!.

The creation of "an elitist class" of posters was not what I had in mind when I stated my concern to Arthur, neither did I envisioned a special category of any sort, especially one that would segregate posters. In light of those "pending changes", I just wanted a continuation of preserving the "open forum design" so that serious topics can also be discussed.

I will atone for my sins by first going to confession in one of the South Side denominations and accept whatever pennance you and Father Selwyn dishes out on this "Frenchman of all people", to save my soul.

Monsieur Louison

Re: Changes coming

Well said VJL or is it FLJ, cant remember which is which.. Glad to see we are on the same page on this one. I pity however, the "Confusion Butu" who you are about to "Go Gouyave" on. Treat him compassionately, after all he might be family.Go see Father Selwyn and accept a penance of three Hail Marys and two Our fathers, but whatever you do, dont drink the holy water, its for washing your sins away. Seen?

If you recall the object of this whole exercise is to encourage posters and not chase them away, therefore, it will augur well to keep ones L'ansian tendencies in check, even when provoked by others expressing contrarian views.

We need to all get along, and throw the Trumpian playbook in the trash where it belongs. Seen?

Re: Changes coming

Boi, if it is one thing about me, it is I can take me lix when I have too, the true qualities of a Monsieur.

Me and AM is good and it would be wise not putting you mouth in we business.....lol

Now as for you calling me FLJ, I must admit that I could never match the skills of that goodly gentleman ....lol

Re: Changes coming

There is nothing wrong with the Talk Shop, well, Ok a face lift will be welcomed; however, the problem was and still remain that some people drove most of the posters away by not respecting other peoples point of view and always suggesting that they know it all.

It is an attitude that has to change to see the Talk Shop thrive and be successful as it once was and intended. We must be mindful, however; that leopards cannot change their skin. America is experiencing the same problem with their newly elected President.

I hope for the sake of the Gouyave Community home and abroad that some of us with the problem aforementioned will show some restraint, personal growth, maturity, and sense of responsibility so this tool that was so brilliantly designed by Arthur with the help of others be allowed to serve all Gouyaverians, Grenadians and anyone who respects our culture and would like to be a part of a great experience to participate on this Talk Shop without getting their feelings hurt or shun for any reasons what so ever.