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Re: A Bridge too fsr

Selwyn is ah health buff, if he aint hiking in the hills he takes those walks to build up stamina. The water taxi would only work if we could build the Downstreet jetty on the Old Stall. But then you would not know that historical site, would you? That is in another County.

So Selwyn latest thing is that he is going to SWIM to the L'anse from now on. He left a change of clothes with a girlfriend in gun battle, so that when he gets there he can change and sport about Insomniac City as God"s Gift.

Incidentally he claims to have been taught to swim by a relative of yours in Bennaggo who boasted to have been the "GREATEST SWIM CHAMPION IN GOUYAVE OF ALL TIME". So ah buy it, is so ah sell it.

Re: A Bridge too fsr

The Old Stall, I remembered very well. It was inactive by the time I left but most of us who still remembered it, still use it as a location point.

Now as to the swimming and family connection,there is a factual elements to it. In his hay day, big Brother was second only Nevil(Prego, RIP) who btw, never competed. I am still of the opinion that with the proper training, Preg could have been world class and possible olympic gold.

It was a pleasure to see him swim from Fijay down to Lanse bay.

And while I am at it, the same applied to Dyre Marquez and (they say), Hugh Commission (sp) in soccer; Very gifted.

Now. You din mention it but ah hear you got the full octave blast from the masquerading speakers that had you malcady for days after carnival....lol no intermittent respite for your earbells.

Ah din mean to laugh but after you complained about the Tivoli Drummers on St. Dominic Street making noise in you head some years ago, as the good Frenchman that I am, ah had to inquire about your mental state of health.

The Monsieur

Re: A Bridge too fsr

Lansbuoy I think you are confusing me with another. I do not ever remember complaining about the Tivoli Drummers, I luv me some rhythms from the Motherland.
If I was to be politically correct, I would remind you that Dyer Marquez is a Portuguese descendant from the South land who may not like your Francophone version of his name.
I suppose you are still going through PTSD, brought about by the buffoonery of the Chump, who you might have once referred to as our "Beloved President"Mean while back in the shop, Rivers and Flanker is in full efect, and life"s good.

The Carnival was G R E A T. JCB's, and tourists from around the Caribbean like sand. Mamma San is going to sue the Guavament for sabotaging her business for fixing the bridge in her profit season.

Soca Monarch was rocking, biggest ever,but Dimache Gras was in sick bed, some say is that French Name people don't like, and then they cancel Panorama, which cause dem Gouyave pan side to say, that is because they woulda win this year, and to make it worse Kirani didnt run in London, ah have to sell healing bush baths in the Le boucherie, pardon my French.