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It's in our genes/DNA, have we forgotten that?

"After you kall me all de names in the world and make me feel unwelcomed in de Gouyave Talkshop? Man you aint easy! But is okay. I could take me licks too ;-)"

"Unwelcomed? You see how postings can be interpreted differently!! Yet I fail to understand why anyone would choose to stop posting just because someone or the other chose to disagree with the contents of the post, even vehemently.

Look at how close Peter St. Paul came to abandoning the Talkshop. He clearly took Vernon's criticisms as unwelcoming attacks while that was far from VL's intent.
It seems that most of those former and "original" posters who once made this site so very, very interesting, have made the very same mistake that Peter was seemingly about to make. We can do better!

Hey you all, wasn't that what we were supposed to learn from the schooling at the University of the Lance Bridge(RIP), as well as Ming and Figs famous tailor-shop taught us? How many of us were "flattened" to smithereens because our conversations were either disjointed, nonsensical or plain irrelevant? Yet we took our licks, picked up ourselves, dusted off the verbal bruises, and prepared ourselves to do much better in the next classes. For many of us, that's how we learnt to hold our own, in debating. How else could we have stood up to the great Fitz-Roy Craig and others like him?

I would dare to say that some of us learnt most of those fundamental skills from right there in Gouyave, long, long, long before entering colleges/universities. Higher education may have helped sharpened our tactical skills, but we already had the FUNDAMENTALS right there in Gouyave.

Disagreeing with someone should never be taken personally, never mind how close it may sometimes appear to be (I should know). Most times it's the content of the opinion that is really under attack, and rarely is it personally directed.

As we used to say "you never miss the water till the well run dry." That seems to underlie the pleading to Arthur to keep the Talkshop open. I am making a personal plea that if it remains open, let's be the grown-ups that we are. Give heat if you disagree, and likewise take the heat as a man/woman when it is directed at you.

Hey y'all, let's remember that Gouyave people are known for cursing-off each other so badly that one would wonder how they could ever be friends again. Look at them again in a week or two, if not the very same day, and you'd be shocked to see them ole-talking and laughing as though nothing had happened before.

That's how we dey. It's in our genes and DNA. Let's not forget it!