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Re: Home In Gouyave

ROTFLMAO.....remind me of the days of the old Secret Service agencies of the Soviet Union and the US, where coded phrases were exchanged to ascertain one's true identy.

Tony, here are some hints, so let's see you decode them in order to find him.

1. He remembers Miss Odan Fudge and sweetie parlor.

2. He knows of the Ole Stall and Ceh-caca.

3. His vocabulary is made up of commonly used legal terms and lingo.

4. His Granpupah must have been of Nordic dissent.

5. Spent most of his adult life in England.

6. You can eliminate everyone without grey hair, so he is possible baulding or dieing his hair.

7. The drinking thing is just a decoy.

So there you have it, it's easy to find him. Start where Miss Defratas store used to be, its now an English bois hangout. Use the code phrase..."JCB Talkshop Ra-ra"

Monsieur Louison in conversation with Inspector Cusoe.

Re: Home In Gouyave

So Tony, dat was you in truth.Ah see dis fella on De Lanse and ah say to my padner Jax Braff,who is dat JCB? he say, "Bwoy dat is Tony from America, bwoy".
Ah was goin to make myself known to you, but ah had jes clean some fish,an ah din want to fresh up you nice Dan Dan. You arreddy looked fresh ah jes din want you to smell so.

When Street tell me to watch out, because people from foreign searching fuh me, ah figger dat you would have been wearing ah Bowler hat, ah Macintosh Raincoat and ah brolly, to shield your fair head from the harsh Caribbean sun, Surprise surprise. man you look like he from GQ, casual but Helligant.Never mind dat, come by De shop lets have ah drink, Clarke's Court fe me.

Oh, an by de way, ah have ah string ah Corn flyin fish ah was savin. fuh me cousin Vero when she come from Hingland, ah go gee yuh, but yuh must be careful. Doh put it in. de same grip as yuh fancy clothes, or,in yuh carry on,dey might make yuh open it in Point Salines, an Dem town people, love ah Corn flyin fish.

Ah jes hope you padner VJL, look as nice as you, livin up dey in De Burbs, he used to be me schoolmate in primary school,now he doh know me, because he was one ah dem brite fellas. 'Don't offer him any flyin fish, he goin to arks you "what dat is?" One word of warning,Don't go an bathe in De river under De bridge, dey say it have Jumbie in De water,ok?

Re: Home In Gouyave

ROTFLMAO.....listen padnah, ah have ah deal for you.
if you sen me up some Corn Sprat and some Tit-te-ree, ah go tell you wey dat Frenchman, DeCoteaux have the hidden camera to take out you pitchea for us. As ah matta ah fact, if all you two eyes already make four, den in due time we go know who you is and ah kud bet you is the same fellah ah had in mind.

Doh worry about calling us Francophones, Maccos; is so we dey.

Have one on me and tell the bar tender to hold the bill for me until ah come down.

Have ah good time , fellas.

Monsieur Louison

Re: Home In Gouyave

Verne, when I ran into Selwyn on the temporary LanseBridge, I started talking to him as though he was the elusive Talkshop Selwyn. The man asked me if I gone mad or what reminding me that he was my same old New Street pander, Selwyn Williams, who I grew up with when we were little boys.

As Talkshop Selwyn didn't show up, or maybe I was not smart enough to unclad his disguise, I asked Dr.Wright (teacher John) if he knew who the scoundrel was. He said no.
Man, I even thought that Mr. Downstreet would relent and, when I'm least expecting he would say "Hey Mr. Tony De, now you finally know who is Downstreet, the man who doesn't want people to know who he is." Well there is no harm in dreaming!
You see I thought I could depend on those goodly gentlemen to use their influence to ask the guys in the Bay to save a few grains of jacks for me instead of using all of them for turgeon bait.

Verne man, now you see who we are really dealing with!! My wife got fed up with those guys so we decided to use Irma and Jose as an excuse to get out of Grenada real quick, much sooner than we booked to stay. Truth is, I was just too tired of waiting in vain for those two wise men to reveal themselves. But the positive in it is that I didn't have to spend for a shot of Rivers or Clarkes Court.

Who knows, maybe next time.