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The Repainting of the Nutmeg Pool

as a person who was raised in gouyave , the nutmeg pool is part of me.. being a part of our heritage I will to see the restoration of the pool.. any suggest how can we come together as a people to fun rise and volunteer to let that happen.

Re: The Repainting of the Nutmeg Pool

We can start right here. Tell us some more about the gouyave nutmeg pool. I see pictures on the www, but not much history.

Re: The Repainting of the Nutmeg Pool

I have been posting about the nutmeg pool for years on this forum. This building is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Grenada. It looks terrible and it needs remodeling. The Grenada Nutmeg Association is making money. They can at least paint the building. I have been home lately and I have noticed that the entrance is now on the side.

Re: The Repainting of the Nutmeg Pool

This is what I found on the www:

" It was constructed in 1947 on the site of a former coastal battery that was built by the French in the 1700s to protect this west coast settlement from attack and invasion."


And based on the above link, it looks like it can make money too. If they are making money, they should put some back into keeping it up.

Re: The Repainting of the Nutmeg Pool

Yes Merle you have indeed! I think that the general consensus was the same you reinitiated in your post. I think that it will take community pressure for that to happen, also I think one has to have permission before you can go painting the pool. It is still the responsibility of the Nutmeg Association and yes it is an eyesore for many, many years now and it is rather shameful.

Re: The Repainting of the Nutmeg Pool

Indeed, Sister Merle had echoed the sentiment of a Nutmeg Pool facelift some time ago, including government taking action to bulldoze delapidated buildings on the main street. If my memory serves me correctly, she had used Hugo Charez's Venezuelan government initiative as a model that our government should follow to make her case.

In the case of our Nutmeg Pool, it is privately owned via a corporate charter with fiduciary responsibilities to government that existed pre colonial period and remained in existance to this day. This makes it a even more daunting task for a public effort to undertake this responsibility, notwithstanding the exorbitant financial commitment associated with it.

I can envision a joint partnership with government, GCNA and the private sector as stake holders, with government benefiting tremendously with a marketing strategy that incorporates that desperately needed "new look". This, and with the new Lans`e Bridge, they would surely add to the esthetic value to the area and appeal to more tourists. But I think the onus should be on GCNA to bear the burden of the cost and not the public at large.
Furthermore, how should we identify which segment of the public we are speaking off Gouyave? St John's? St. Georges? And do we have enough of a disposable income base to achieve this?

And while they are at it, they should also address the working conditions there to protect workers health.

Monsieur Louison

Re: The Repainting of the Nutmeg Pool

THE repainting of the nutmeg Pool (HUH)doesn't the nutmeg pool needs more than repainting(Question,Question) are while back MERLE raise the same Question only to fall on DEAF ears,YES deaf ears to the establishment who are really responsibly for the up keeping of the GOUYAVE POOL,WHAT an eye Sore,and I don't think its up to sponsers to suggest raising funds to brighten the eye sore of this massive building,WHO ever takes the burden to come forward with Begging Bowl LOL,YOU need a Massive BOWL,I am listening patiently to HEAR who is going to take the daunting TASK,of starting the Revival Restoration.