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Home Sweet Home Verntoni

For our brothers who blissfully reside in America the Beautiful, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, the view from down on the Depradine is just not so rosy. Even when viewed through the crystal clear spirituality of a bottle of Rivers.

While your fellow citizens brag ad nauseam, about their beloved homeland, "The Greatest Country on Earth, that God has Blessed America, and "Only" America, a closer look would reveal that your society floats on an ocean of volcanic magma, chock full of hypocrisy, racism, classicism ,and narcissism, waiting to erupt every time a "tulooloo crab" dig its hole deeper than your first lady's stiletto heels.

How is possible that a nation which was founded by immigrants, who destroyed and abused the Indigenous people living there when they arrived, and who developed the country by utilizing the free labor of millions of enslaved Africans, blithely disavow its horrific history, and strut about the world as God"s Gift, pure as the driven snow? How could it then treat emigrants and refugees today, as though they were hostile aliens from another planet, Instead of the offspring of those who gave their labor and their lives to produce what Americans now enjoy is mind blowing.

But this may not be quite so confusing, when one considers that America credits its discovery to Christopher Columbus when Historians have documented that North America was visited by the Vikings a century before Columbus, and South America by the Polynesians. That the Columbus they hero worship, a gold thirsty conquistador ,who enslaved and was, primarily responsible for the genocide of 1,500,000 indigenous Taino people in Hispaniola, while writing in his diary that their free labour was more valuable than gold. Isn't it Ironic that a country which has spent a half a century and trillions of dollars, in its space program, wooing and directing Aliens from outer space to come to visit, is building a wall and seeking to expel its next door neighbors who has been growing its food, and cleaning up its s##t for centuries? Go figure.

Some wise philosopher once said, that people get the Government, they deserve. So out of the morass crawls " The Chump" grand master of all he surveys. "The Greatest of all Time", a wannabe snake oil salesman, who never met a superlative or hyperbole, he didn't use. A con artist moonlighting as a carnival barker, with delusive dreams of one day growing up to be a tin horn dictator, like the other "so called, strongmen" he so unabashedly adores. He has waved his hypnotic magical wand, and commanded his tribe of zombies, to believe in him, and not their lying, eyes and ears. He is triumphant, because in a land where Gold is God, he who has the Gold rules, and reigns.

The value of "The Chump's Presidency" however, is that it has torn the scab off American society, to expose the festering putridity beneath, and for some, the startling revelation, that "the Emperor has no clothes."It shines the light into the dark dingy recesses of American Ideology, and upon those who worship on the alters of Republicanism, Conservatism, Evangelism, and White Supremacy. Notwithstanding their protestations to the contrary, they all share a common Group-think. Most are supporters of the Republican party, and the Chump.

Despite the grotesque and downright repulsive conduct he has exhibited, throughout his adult life. These "righteous citizens" are willing to support him, or any other Charlatan who is anti immigrant, anti people of colour, and anti the poor and the down trodden, while marching under the battle-cry of making America great again.

So while they try to sell the public on people like McConnel and Ryan, trying to provide cover with a false smoke screen of responsibility and decorum, we see them at best as, wimps without morals, political pimps, or at worst snakes laying in the grass, waiting to ride the Chump's back to Heaven, or slither away if the path leads to Hell's fire.Least we forget, those "Good ole boys" never conceived of the Black Bammas' occupying the White House, built on the backs of their enslaved fore fathers, or as they might argue,Kenyans were not part of slavery as we know it.

Black folks who grew up on a steady diet of Republican cynicism, has seen it all before. From the House n-ggas on the plantation who snitched to Massa on Chicken George, to the placement of Uncle Thomas on the US Supreme Court, to Uncle Ben Carson, a brain surgeon with a questionable brain, and to that janitor who was paid $50 to grab something and wave, while prominently seated behind his Con-ness in Arizona last week. Has it ever dawned on those smart men that no one with common sense will buy that Horse Sh#t.

And then Harvey paid a visit to the Bible Belt. Which should come as no surprise to "The Believers", who should have been expecting it since Noah launched ARK 1. While might use the Biblical rationale, that God has sent the floods to warn sinners to atone for their wicked ways, others might argue that Climate Change is a hoax, because after all, the Scriptures are filled with storms and floods, which has been chronicled since Biblical times. Right. And when will FEMA get off its duff and start the construction of ARK2.0? Looking at the evacuations and rescues on TV, it struck me that demographic settlement patterns in America is much more like a Gum ball machine than "the great melting pot". some has promoted, when the rescue boats pulled up, the lines of ethnic demarcation were quite stark.

And then to crown it all, an Evangelical Preacher who is always on the airwaves espousing the most Angelic demeanor, with a voice to suit, was accused of turning away folks seeking refuge from the storm, at his church. Folks claimed to have been told, that the Church was flooded, and that they should go elsewhere. When pressured by social media, the doors of the "Ark" suddenly flew open, a miraculous solar flare came down from Heaven and dried out the church, and the faithful moved in ,high and dry. When the goodly Pastor, The Good Shepherd of his flock was confronted on TV interviews, about how could he be so cold and mean spirited towards his furry followers, he did a Sean Spicer, suddenly lost his eloquent oratory, and mumbled some goblegook, which was translated by the "Deplorables" to mean, "Obamma made me do it". Its 11AM already, time to take one.

Re: Home Sweet Home Verntoni

no wonder the talkshop is dying, because nobody want to come here and listen to lunatics like you and the other two.

Re: Home Sweet Home Verntoni

"In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, boi".

You should demand an apology from The Scarlet for making your head hurt after forcing you to read this thoughtful, well coordinated and coherent piece of his.

We had already failed in asking you to coordinate your writing skills outside of the Facebook readership to voice your opinion and got nothing! from you.

And for those who choose to remain here, branding them with your vitriolic "lunatics" connotation does nothing to improve the issue of poor participation.

But " is so, some ah we dey!

Monsieur Louison from the French Quarters.

Re: Home Sweet Home Verntoni re facts

Mr Facts sir, the hundred and fifty readers who are still on this forum, has been holding their breaths waiting for your incireful posts and words of wisdom. Please don't let them die of asphyxiation. BRING IT.