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So now that the Kirani James train

Has come,and may be departing the station,isn't it time,for the government and people of Grenada to seize and build upon the stellar accomplishments of the young man from Gouyave, and undertake a National effort, to place Grenada, as Cuba once was, and Jamaica is now, on the world map of athletics.

Do the powers that be, and the people, appreciate the great economic benefits touristically and otherwise, to be gained,once the sports spotlight, focuses on the tiny, but beautiful,Tri Island State?

Is it time to broaden our horizons, and replace those "School sports" and
Intercoll, with Parish wide games, culminating in National Championships?
Isn't possible that the next Kirani, may not come through the Secondary school system, but is blessed with enough talent that would blossom and develop with exposure, and a rigorous training program,which most follow it?

We are famous in the Third World, for making the Headlines, without writing the story,but no longer can we excuse ourselves for lack of proper facilities, we e got our state of the art stadium, nor can we doubt our ability to excel among the world's elite atheletes, we got Kirani,who (I must mention, trained Downstreet) Rotflmao.Excuse me. And others in the pipeline.

So maybe it is time for Spice Sports,especially athletics to hit a new stride and with the required budgetary support be invested, give the other potential Kiranis, who now lose themselves in video games, and other pursuits an opportunity to win Olympic Gold and Diamond League dollars. Grenada wins, everybody wins.

Re: So now that the Kirani James train

"....we got Kirani,who (I must mention, trained Downstreet) Rotflmao."

Loooord! help me with this creature! Just when I was about to forgive him for all dem naaaassty things he writes about we northern Frenchies, in comes this tormentuous line of his, fretting me again.

When ah calm down and console myself, ah go give you ah piece of me mind....'he trained Downstreet'?

What the France am I hearing?

The carnival noise must be still ringing in your ears?

Watch boi! you can't expect to breed Donkey Downstreet with artificial insemination and get Northern olympic quality Stalian horses like Kirani. Send dem up to the French Quarters so we kud "hibreedize dem".

But dat is not all ah have for you.

Ah go deal wid you later.

He trained downstreet....hah! What nerves.

Monsieur Louison

Re: So now that the Kirani James train

Downstreet, Sah!

The points you have introduced to the board in encouraging government to seize the opportunity of Kirani's exposure of Grenada to the world by further enhancing the potential of others, so that they too can make their contributions, are well documented.

But as we are dealing mostly with government here, we must continue to be mindful of their shortsightedness, even when the obvious is steering them in the face. The powers that be, (from inception of our state government up to this present time) seem to focus entirely on encouraging an efficient system to compartmentalize a sense of complacency in this bureaucratic juggernaut they call government. By doing this, they have developed pockets of dependencies where initatives, creative thinking and proactiveness remains stymied, hence impeding intellectual growth.

And as an excuse, they explain- away their incompetence with statements like....."government is continuously faced with the daunting task of utilizing scarce resources in areas where maximum retun can be achieved". It is important to note that they usually mean within the election cycle where they can pose with whomever and say " 'WE'! win"; We win!.

Padnah, I do pray that those potential economic initiatives you addressed above do not fall on deaft ears and are implemented fortwith. God knows that as we slowly try to climb out of this I.M.F vice grip (hopefully with our biological designations in tack) and prepare ourselves to carry the burden of our load, we would begin to think differently and maximize our economic potentials. I suspect though that lurking in the background, "the political re-engineers" would be making noise again.

PS: did Selwyn give the tape measure to the Chinese before they build the overpass???

Monsieur Louison

Re: So now that the Kirani James train

Louie Louie Louie, or as your loyal subjects refer to you Rey Louis XVII.
I have great appreciation for your sharp focus and expert analysis, of the troubling issues which continue to plague our Spice Society.

And while I would like to see the athletic talents among us exploited to their fullest my concern is also for those youth who has to exist outside of the academic space. Those who never made it to secondary school, or had to drop out before completion. No CXC, no job,no scholarships, track or academic, to US colleges, where is their safety net. Could we not have begged borrowed or stolen, resources from all those international organizations who pledge support to the less fortunate, to establish some "trade schools" so that these kids could develop skills which would afford them the opportunity to feed themselves,their families, and make meaningful contribution, to the nations economy?

Could those five estates which was leased out to the private sector, not have been converted to agricultural school farms, turning out 500 skilled young farmers per year, while still earning positive cash floors for the country's treasury.?

What should keep us all at night is not the IMF, but the growing malaise in the country, where too many of the able bodied is treating "Work" like a dirty four letter word to be avoided at all cost, and in its place, resort to waiting for remittances,begging, stealing, and other criminal activity to, as they say "eat ah food".

Then there are those who exploit whatever activity or opportunity, public or private, for their own gains,weddings, funerals,city streets and sidewalks, carnival, crown lands, 'peck a mel, creeping anarchy,producing surging crime. Read last weeks papers.We cannot lay all this at the feet of THIS Government or Any Administration, we the people must take responsibility for our negative actions, and not be insensitive to that of our fellow citizens.

As for folks being receptive to new ideas and advice,from fellow Grenadians, don't hold your breath.Even in the 1940's people said to their relatives "Don't go on that Island Queen,"well who knew? Oh and even two weeks ago didn't Selwyn say don't go in the River below the bridge,"it hah jumbie dey". He would have said it in Chinese if he knew the lingo, is Mamma San of the Emperor's House of Epicurian Eats, giving free lessons?