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So now that the Kirani James train

Has come,and may be departing the station,isn't it time,for the government and people of Grenada to seize and build upon the stellar accomplishments of the young man from Gouyave, and undertake a National effort, to place Grenada, as Cuba once was, and Jamaica is now, on the world map of athletics.

Do the powers that be, and the people, appreciate the great economic benefits touristically and otherwise, to be gained,once the sports spotlight, focuses on the tiny, but beautiful,Tri Island State?

Is it time to broaden our horizons, and replace those "School sports" and
Intercoll, with Parish wide games, culminating in National Championships?
Isn't possible that the next Kirani, may not come through the Secondary school system, but is blessed with enough talent that would blossom and develop with exposure, and a rigorous training program,which most follow it?

We are famous in the Third World, for making the Headlines, without writing the story,but no longer can we excuse ourselves for lack of proper facilities, we e got our state of the art stadium, nor can we doubt our ability to excel among the world's elite atheletes, we got Kirani,who (I must mention, trained Downstreet) Rotflmao.Excuse me. And others in the pipeline.

So maybe it is time for Spice Sports,especially athletics to hit a new stride and with the required budgetary support be invested, give the other potential Kiranis, who now lose themselves in video games, and other pursuits an opportunity to win Olympic Gold and Diamond League dollars. Grenada wins, everybody wins.