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Re: Mr VJL Oye

".....Question is, Was Collin free to protest? Was his protest ah brave act."

Sello, boi wah do you?

Wah kine ah questions in dat?!

One thing ah learn very early in this country of the brave is literally, everything is relative. In the case of Collin, yes! he was free to protest because he did and under his free will.

Now, is there a price to be paid for the exercising of that freedom? Yes! because you see, the freedom we have is not free. All ah we have it, we din have to pay for it but believe you me, it ain't free. Again in the case of Collin, he was able to purchase more freedom than you and me; about $126, 000,000 in contract earnings hence the boi has quite a lot to lose.

This is the same kind of logic they apply to the Cuban embargo. Dey say Kuba should be given the opportunity to show the rest of the world the benefits of pure, unadulterated socialism; free from the contaminants of Yankee influences, money, goods and services.

So you see Sah! When you exercise the rights, freedon or sovereignty, given to you by God and your nice government and go up against the establishment, God may forgive you but the establishment would make you pay.

PS: boi ah en hear from dat other Frenchman yet. He must still trying to clear he head.

Monsieur Louison