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Re: The LOUISONS - part 1

A very interesting read if I may say so, even though your hypothesis seems incomplete with noted suppositions that beg for more deeper research . What is more interesting is the fact that the 21st. century "Louison's" seemed to have tracked in the same footsteps as their predecessors of the 18th. centuary.

Here is an observation that has hit home and seems to support that.

Your research indicated that of the 27 Slaves that were auctioned off that day,".......Two were named Louison, and the purchaser’s name was Alexander McSween. Former owner was listed as Charles Martin. Alexander McSween was an attorney in Grenada and the new owner of Grand Mal Estate. "

There is an eerie moment for me here that establishes a 20th. Century union between a Gouyave Louison (by way of St. David) and a Mulatto Martin woman of Grand Mal. This may be pure coincidences but the fact that the initial coming together of the names can be traced back to as early as 1797 and again at some time in 1948, without either party having lnowledge of this information is quite astonishing.

"......The descendant of a MULATTO would certainly give VJL a different view of his history! "

Indeed it would but with my dominant African genes and all the visual characteristics that goes with it, I would be hard pressed to convince anyone of a genealogical hybridization that left me with nappy, seeded hair and at one time, had been a derivative of a Afro-Euro injection. Besides, laying claim to a Mulatto status would be bad for the business of making my reparation claim. That mixture would be a discount or a give-back of 40% for having just 60% Black blood.

".....If those Louison were the descendants of VJL, then he has a powerful case for twice the compensation claim from the British Empire for the sale of his descendants – TWICE! When they came from Africa, and as punishment for being disloyal adopted subjects!...."

Sah! How you come up with "twice" ? It is thrice! boi.....interest and lost opportunity cost must be added.... ah know me sums. And as your research showed that the British stole our land from us and gave to the Scotts in St. David, ....."ah want me land back!".

"......Madam Louison the wife of Charles Martin and all the other Louisons who joined him in burning British owned estates in St David’s and those who were in Fedon’s camp, could be all related....."

Sah, it is with pride and honor that I recognize and take claim of this patriotic act above of WE! Louisons that was mitted out on those British thrives!. And for all those Scotts who now sits comfortable on my Forefather's land in St. David's.... "one day!, one day!, congo-tey".

It seems like we must prepare ourselves on this Talkshop for a dethroning and a new coronation; one that would remove the crown from that Zabetti woman head and posthumously, place on one of my Forefather's.
This would be a welcoming ceremony .

Thank you St. Paul, it was a pleasure to read.

Monsieur Louison from the French Quarters.

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