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A sad farewell to the old, but a hearty welcome to our new L'Anse bridge!!

I recently saw a picture on Facebook of the new L'Anse bridge. It looks really good and most of all built to accommodate two vehicles at the same time with a pedestrian walkway on either side.

Now as we welcome in this new modern bridge with great satisfaction and pride, I hope we won't soon forget the joys and fun of the old one. Who could forget how we used to run to stand on the bridge to say "nice ride" when a vehicle crossed it? And if you're like me and guys of my time, you certainly would remember how we used to place "kungs" on the hot metal part of the bridge and watched them throw themselves around to avoid the burning heat. Only the childishness of our youthful years could have made us see that as fun!

No point in rehashing the many tributes already paid to the bridge as our "university" where like Figs and Ming's tailor shop we literally learnt the essential rudiments of growing up. That was our pride and joy.
Just as important was to watch the beauty of the sailor bands and other "pretty mas" bands making their way to the crest and watching them as they paraded down onto Upper Depradine Street.
Of course you didn't want to be caught dead on that bridge in the middle of a carnival fight between Waterloo and the Lanse boys. And worse yet if the opponents were from Chantimelle, Victoria or Sauteurs!!!

To be sure we love our new bridge, but the joys of the old one leave us old-timers hanging on to memories that we won't easily forget. As for me, crossing that old L'Anse bridge to make the first immediate right turn to my home on New Street was the epitome of all that was dear to me and nostalgic about A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE, my home town.

Let's hope our new bridge will usher in lasting sentiments for our youngsters to cherish and write about as the "old dame" provided us.

So let's all bid adieu to the old and welcome in the new L'Anse bridge.

P.S:- Btw, hopefully the connecting road between Palmiste and Mabouya will very soon be the next major project!!

Re: A sad farewell to the old, but a hearty welcome to our new L'Anse bridge!!

Hey tony I join with U in saying everything u said about the new lance BDG & OLD one,Long may it Served the community of Gouyave and Other Parishes and traffic who frequently uses the lance BDG.I to saw it in Construction,A word of praise to the Workers :relieved: