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Re: World Cup

ENGLAND BEATING COLUMBIA HUW ??? THESE teams in D World cup @ present Knows are lot about each other Passing moves,formation,setup and many other nic nac.And as u can see many of the teams regardless of Country are well balanced,So it Wasn't are big surprise to me that in d second half Columbia was taking the Game to England,AND as U can C ENGLAND got BOGGED DOWN by COLUMBIA Running at them LOL,(Very good Game but at this stage any one of the remaining teams can go on to lift the WORLD CUP cause at the moment its to close to CALL.SO at the moment AM SITTING ON D FENCE :wink:

Re: World Cup (Turning upside down)

What's going on? Italy then Germany then Portugal then Spain, and now mighty Brazil. who's next? Maybe we should look at the White House to realize that there is nothing sacred anymore. Regardless we are watching great football even from those who lose. Vive France!!!

Re: World Cup (Turning upside down)

VIVA BELGIUM (That's where my Grand father was Born) (AND VIVA ENGLAND That's where AM LIVING)AS U can C tony AM sitting on D FENCE IF U know what I mean) JACK on BOTH SIDES LOL.LOL>:laughing:

Re: World Cup (Turning upside down)

Sorry about that, Melo. Your English blokes gave it their all, but even their very best was not good enough to prevent Croatia from that final showdown with France on Sunday.

Btw, is it still "VIVA BELGIUM" against England on Saturday? Your loyalty is being tested (lol). Meanwhile enjoy excellent football!!

Re: World Cup (Turning upside down)

HEY TONY I forget to ask(Who are U backing or was backing to Win ? Or u sitting on D Fence LOL,LOL) MY teams did put up are Good Show,may be next time:wink:

Re: World Cup (Turning upside down)

Melo, in all World Cups my favorite is always Brazil. But I was impressed with how Senegal played. Needless to say it broke my heart by the way they were eliminated. Hopefully they'll go further in the next Cup.
That being said, I believe Belgium was the best team, period, even though they fell short of the final. When England learns to execute their breakaways like the Belgians, then they too would be the team to watch in the future.

As for tomorrow, I'm picking France, but most of all I want to see a great game with numerous amounts of oohs and aahs.

Re: World Cup (Turning upside down)

HEY tony MY Teams are being knocked out,BELGIUM and ENGLAND So I come off sitting on top of D fence,TO sitting Under d fence(LOL)I think FRANCE might win BUT as u can C from this WORLD cup nearly ALL the Teams was Nearly evenly Matched,And no team was Afraid of each OTHER,SO I wil Watch d game and hopes its an entertaining ONE.