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Still on my quest to find Ancestors

I'm still searching for Ancestors from Grenada and specifically Gouyave. Looking for information on my great grandmother, Elizabeth Francis (or Frances) Beggs, died about 1957. She was the mother of Rose Crowe (formerly Roderique), Ann Brackenreid(?) (not sure what her maiden name was), and Mabel John (formerly Nicholas).
According to my aunt, she and her mother(my paternal grandmother -Mabel) went to see Elizabeth who was sick and died around Carnival period of 1957 (based on my aunt's age). Carnival of 57 was in March. My aunt averages that Elizabeth was in her 70s).
She was buried in Gouyave by Rose Crowe. I believe Rose is also buried in Gouyave. Based on other conversations Rose's father was Martin Roderique.

Is there a way to access old burial records or alternatively, are there newspapers from back in those times or someone who does research for old periods.

Any and all assistance is appreciated.