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Herbert John Preudhomme also known as Uncle Pre

Know your Parliamentary Rep.

Herbert John Preudhomme also known as Uncle Pre

Former Parliamentary representative for the constituency of St. John. A stalwart and patriot.

Growing up in Gouyave the name Uncle Pre was a household name mostly as a Politician/Parliamentary rep /Minister but also as the ultimate Gouyavarian. On weekends and sometimes during the week, you can guarantee that he was always around, he was very affable individual.

Uncle Pre to everyone in the parish but later on in life, because of family connections, I started calling him Uncle Herbert. My knowledge of him especially on Fridays evenings joining his follow colleague Minister, my Uncle George Hosten for the usual Snapper waters(fish broth) in Gouyave and hanging out until late. Whenever he was around, there was a buzz. People came from all over to greet him or make some request from him. With deep family roots in Gouyave he was at home. His beloved aunt the late Mary DeFreitas was his backbone and his visits to Gouyave were never completed with a visit to her house in Cornet Walk.

He represented St. John constituency for the GULP from 1961 to 1979. Before his advent into politics he was employed in his family business after leaving school. He later joined the firm of Jonas Browne & Hubbard Ltd. as Salesman, Stock keeper, Invoices from 1956 – 1958.

He got his feet wet into elective politics soon after and in 1958 was Member of the Opposition, he served from 1958 to 1960 during those time he was also Member of the Tourist Board and Member of Housing and Planning Authority.

In the elections of 1961 he ran for the St. John’s Constituency, easily defeating John DeCoteau of the GNP and was appointed Minister for Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

In the elections of 1962 he narrowly lost to Mc Donald Welsh of the GNP (41 votes) however he came back in the 1967 and was reelected to Parliament defeating McDonald Welsh by 906 votes and was appointed Minister for Local Government, Housing, Labour, Youth Development and Sports.

In 1972 he was reelected to Parliament for St. John defeating Johhny Branch of the GNP and he was appointed Minister of Communications, Works, and Labour. After Grenada gained her Independence he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister.

In the heavily fought 1976 he was again reelected to Parliament by defeating Lloyd Noel by 446 votes. He was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Housing.

After the March 13th 1979 Revolution he was like most Ministers were detained without charge from 13th March, 1979 to 31st December, 1981.

After his release he went into his private business, however in the 1995 elections he made another tried and was unsuccessful and he stayed away for active politics.

Uncle Herbert migrated to the USA to be near his family and to enjoy his retirement. Today, he is not enjoying the best of health and we asked for your prayers.

Herbert John Preudhomme affectionately called Uncle Pre, his name will always be remembered, especially in St. John