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Re: gogouyave.com is 16 years today!!

Congratulations to you Arthur and the gang and happy birthday to Gogouyave.com wishing you many, many, more birthdays. And when our generation is gone I hope someone with continue to showcase Gouyave and her people past and present.

Re: gogouyave.com is 16 years today!!

Nothing but admiration for your perseverance and eventually providing a platform for Gouyave people throughout the world to reconnect with each other. Too bad that some of us chose "tay-bay" etc to put an end to what was fast becoming a Gouyave trademark. Hopefully it will regain its rightful place.

Congrats, again.

Re: gogouyave.com is 16 years today!!

Congratulations Arthur on your efforts to keep Gouyave alive in the hearts and minds of those who love the place. Talkshop Selwyn and the bwoys toasted the occasion with Clarkes Court of all things, (perish the thought), because the Shop had run out of Rivers.
I look back fondly on the lively discourse which we enjoyed with VJL and others, chatting in the Gouyave parlance which is currently being summarily dismissed as "tay bay talk" by the more learned, educated, and accomplished self appointed Talk Shop Police on here. It begs the question, "Why has this forum devolved into the current graveyard it is today, competing with the Obituary pages while Sergeant Shultz is in charge.
Vernon if Cobid has not visited you yet could you make a brief appearance on GG TS and bring a ventilator and some PPE with you.