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The passing of Cuthbert "Cutty" Noel

Dr. Cuthbert Louison Noel also known as “Cutty” of Upper Depardine Street, St. John, passed away on Monday 2nd November, 2020 at the age of 74.

Cutty was one of the original talkshopper here.

May his soul RIP

Re: The passing of Cuthbert "Cutty" Noel

HEY ARTHUR i joined with U in sympathy to cuthbert Family & friends on his PASSING AWAY,RIP cuthbert.

Re: The passing of Cuthbert "Cutty" Noel

I wish to extend my sympathy to the family of Dr. Cuthbert "Cutty" Noel. He was a contributing Gouyaverian who was responsible for the extension of the shed and erection of the toilet in Dougaldston Cemetery. I remember him as a young man growing up on the lance, one of two brothers who were very studious and dedicated to the Catholic faith. Cutty was quiet but a very smart and witty individual. May he Rest-In-Peace, RIP Cutty.

Re: The passing of Cuthbert "Cutty" Noel

I prayed that it was not a mistake when his cousin, Dr. Curtis Cox from Carriacou, now a retired cardiologist in California, called to inform me of Cutty's death. Dr. Cox was my senior at the GBSS. He became aware of our friendship when he read my tribute to my hometown in A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE.

Cutty and I became friends and soon bonded when his elder brother, Carl, and himself moved from Concord to the Lanse to live with his aunties. My Ma loved Cutty as if he too, was one of her sons.
That close friendship survived many years of separation as we went to rival secondary schools, and as adults charted our individual life's destinations that took us in different directions.

It was a blast whenever we were able to reunify as we did for the first time after many years in 2009. We reached back to our elementary school years at the St. John's Catholic School with old friends like Myron Taylor, Bernard and his brother, Cuthbert Gibbs, Theodore and his brother, Eustace Ferguson, and Brian DaBreo among the many, many others. Of course we could not talk about those childhood memories without including our beloved teachers like Teacher Rose, Teacher Carmen Williams, Teacher Carlton Knight, Teacher Bernadette and Teacher Lily (their lasts name escape me), Teacher Carlyle Glean, Teacher Ambrose Crowe, Mr. Gerard Vincent and of course, our esteemed headmaster, A. E. Williams, to mention a few.

It was during that same reunification in 2009, at the St. John Reunification when at a moment's notice, Cutty gladly accepted the invitation to lead the opening ceremony in prayers. Teasingly, I asked him to also sprinkle some Holy water on us.

Cutty updated me about his life adventures over the years. He told me that he became a Roman Catholic priest, and I am still smiling as I recall his "laughable" reasons for quitting the priesthood. Here was a man who accepted his frailties and did not let false pride and hypocrisy stand in his way.

He updated me about his professorship years at Hampton University. It was rather coincidental as the chancellor's wife was the aunt of my son-in-law during those same years. Here was who we now know as Dr. Cuthbert "Cutty" Noel, the man who took his seat firmly in the annals of what is great about Gouyave that we celebrated in A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE.

Our final act together was after he retired and went back home to Grenada. Cutty unhesitatingly joined our cause to extend the shed in the Douglaston Cemetery, and build a toilet especially for elderly women. A venture totally funded by dedicated Gouyavearians, without any of the government's promised help. Here was a man of the people who never forgot his roots.

Then Cutty admitted that in his heart he was still a priest and hoped that in some way the Church would let him back in.

Thank you Cutty for adding to the many deposits of treasured friendships that I can fondly recall. Thank you for walking with me during those formative years. You might not have been aware of it, but in many ways you influenced my life for the better. For that I say Rest in peace, my dear friend.

The DeCoteau family extend our sincerest condolences to his younger brother, Smallie, his cousin, Dr. Curtis Cox and the rest of his known and unknown relatives. Stay safe!