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Tan/Duryea has left us. Oh, What a man!

Among the many friendship requests I frequently get on Facebook, one bearing the name Rafael Sylvester intrigued me. Who was this person, I wanted to know. So I sent him an Instagram asking for some information about who he was. His response was immediate and to the point. "I am Miss Juanita boy. The one who can do everything better than anyone else. Shomrock."

We grew up knowing him as Winston Sylvester aka Tan or Dureya, but never Rafael. But once he mentioned Miss Juanita boy and the one who can do everything better than anyone else, I knew instantly that it was none other than Tan, because that's what I wrote about him in A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE; and Shamrock was the name of our local inter-parish football team that we both played for.
Of course I immediately accepted Dureya as a Facebook friend. Who wouldn't when we shared so many long laughable moments together as little New Street boys. Tan updated me about himself, so I became aware of his medical condition. Nonetheless it was a shocker when I read about his passing this morning. Death is never a welcomed visitor no matter how sickly the patient is.

In the GBSS, a guy from Sauteurs, named Anselm "Rabbit" Jeffrey and I became friends. He reminded me so much about Tan. They were the opposite in physical looks, but in terms of dexterity and ability to 'do everything better than anyone else', Dureya and Rabbit were brothers. Tan's kite looked and flew better that anyone else with "Ashant" being the possible exception. His cork boats were the talk of town with "Swell" a close competitor; and you had to have your top made by Dureya.

So how could one just express a simple farewell eulogy to one who was so instrumental during my growing up in "A Place Called Gouyave?"
Of course, he'll be missed, but most of all there will always be fond memories and a smile on my face whenever I recall Winston Rafael "Tan" "Dureya" Sylvester, Miss Juanita and Shit-You little boy of Edward Street.

Till we meet again my friend if that's what eventually will happen. RIP.

Re: Tan/Duryea has left us. Oh, What a man!

MY sinceare condolence and sympathy goes out to TAN family and friends AS we al use to cal him (DURYEA)Tony already said some gud Things about Duryea.which is quite true (REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND SO LONG)