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Sheilas Passion

Is the book which is being released Dec 11, 2012 SHEILAS PASSIONS a new book or is it a previosly released book under a differnt title. Or is this the first time that it is being released in EBOOK form> I just do not want to order the book if I have read it previously.

Re: Sheilas Passion

Sheila's Passion is being release in by itself. It was in the Novella Legally Hot. Sheila's Passion is the second book in Lora's Wounded Warrior series. I know a lot of Lora's books that you can find in Novella's are coming out on e-books by themselves.

Re: Sheilas Passion

Is there a third book? I read cooperation fall and sheila's passion. I'm looking for Jake, Turk and Iron's books

Re: Sheilas Passion

Yes, there is another book coming out. It is called Erin's Kiss. This books are part of her Wounded Warriors series. I do not know when the book will be out or if it will be Novella or a full book.

Re: Sheilas Passion

Turk book already out......will iron have book out?

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