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After reading Rule Breaker I definitely want a Loki book, and I also want to learn more about Kandy.

Re: Loki

Me too, I have always been interested in Loki, and the rest of the ghost team. I really think that once she is done with this series, she needs to write a book about what happened to all of the characters in the series.

Re: Loki

Definitely need a Loki book.

Re: Loki

Estaría genial el libro de Loki, pero yo creó que sería compañero de candy swet hermana de la compañera de Rule Braker

Re: Loki

I don't know. Despite Kandy, I like Loki for Cassie's mate. Can't think of anyone else who can handle a gun like that; who would have got in and out of her hospital room like that. Just a thought.

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