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loving lies

Does anyone have a clue when the next loving lies books comes out? I feel like its been forever and I'm dying to know what happens to the other two guys. Thanks to anyone that can tell me.

Re: loving lies

I got to talk to Lora Leigh last weekend. She told me that she is working on Jazz's book now. But Lora did not know when it will be release. But Lora is writing it so that is good. If I get an due date before it goes on her website or on Amazon I will post it.

Re: loving lies?

Thank you so much. I look at the website every once in a while hoping for a change but wen I seen there wasn't one I just thought I'd ask. I've been looking on Amazon too. I hope it's soon! Thank you for responding.

Re: loving lies

I loved Loving Lies also, I just finished it yesterday! You had the same question as me, when are Jazz and Zach's stories going to be released? I'm relieved to hear she's working on them, because I couldn't find them on Amazon so I was scared she decided not to finish the series! So now I'm happy to know the books will be coming, and look forward to finishing the series!!