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Lobo Reever's family and Khileen's mate

Can anyone tell me if there has been a actual book or short story explaining how Lobo Reever and his family connected into the Breed series? I've read each book and short story so far (and re-read many) but haven't found where they have been introduced except in Rule Breaker and Law Justice.

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Re: Lobo Reever's family and Khileen's mate

Book 4 Elizabeth's wolf mentions the ranch and the family dynamic. However in the devils due which was right before rule breaker is about khileen. It also talks about Gideon and his alias he's using and his plans for the future.

Re: Lobo Reever's family and Khileen's mate

She went into so much more detail in the story about khileen, I know she probably wants to rap the series up soon, but I wish she would go more into detail about that. I also want to know about Rye, Dane, Ely, jax etc. Just a book about all the other characters in the series would be nice, oh and more about Lobo.

Re: Lobo Reever's family and Khileen's mate

There are some novellas coming Oct 2015...the Breeds are her BEST series.

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