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MIssing Stories?

I'm trying to get the order straight so I can reread as it's been awhile since I read the first book but I could have sworn that either there were free short stories online or after some books? If I can have some help figuring this out that would be great. I feel that there was a short story for Shiloh Gage and Zane Taggart introduced in Christmas Heat. Was there not a short story regarding Claire Martinez soul going to a winged breed female?

I do have the short story of Dr Nicole and the winged breed Keegan. I just feel that I've read about characters that I don't see the book for so I'm thinking maybe short stories after some books?

Re: MIssing Stories?

I remember seeing quite a few short stories listed in Lora’s page on Goodreads... Don’t know if they’re still there, though... I have yet to read any of them.

Re: MIssing Stories?

Oh, before I send you on a wild goose chase, the stories aren’t there, just the titles... Not sure about the order, but I do believe they were numbered.