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Bridle Chainplates

Where do I start.. Well I was doing some start of season maintenence on my aging dart yesterday and thought the old thinchainplates needed replacing and I happen to have some of the new versions in my spares box. I took both the old ones offandput oneof the newones on perfectly the second however seems the bolts behined have disapeared dropped off. I take it this means taking the decks off to replace the nuts hasanyone done this before? Looks like im not racing in the morning :-(

Re: Bridle Chainplates

Hi Dart Vader!!

It's a common problem on older boats... Dremmel / grinder out and a small hole in the hull wall opposite would be your best entry point!

I can supply a threaded plate rather than individual nuts if you like, give me a bell on 07881 781515.

Alternatively replace nuts and laminate over in glass then sort the whole out.

you could always sort out the nuts and Gaffer tape the whole if you're short on time before racing tomorrow, gaffer tape rules!!

Hope this helps.


Re: Bridle Chainplates

Have you fixed it yet Luke? Not stuck yourself to the deck yet?

Re: Bridle Chainplates


I wish id read your post earlier still I took a chissel to the deck line and fortunately it peeled away nicely lets hope the expoxy glues just as well.

Best Regards
Mr Vader

Re: Bridle Chainplates

If you have the technology or TOOL!! you can use riv nuts, sometimes called crush nuts. These save loads of work and time . Effectivly they are a rivet with a thread up the middle as used on planes. We use them all the time at Windsport on areas we cannot access when doing cat and dinghy boat repairs.

Re: Bridle Chainplates

Brian. I have a similar problem with a shroud plate (after a Tornado tried to indecently assault my Dart). One of the bolts is spinning so I assume the nut behind has separated from the fibreglass or whatever was holding it in place. Is that similarly fixed (and if so, could we look at it when I come down for the training event on 26/27)

Re: Bridle Chainplates

Hmmm should I reply or not... ahh well...

A great temporary option from Brian, again if you have the TOOL!! Additionally do consider what can happen to toeloop rivets over time.

Personaly I'd prefer to use a plate, belt and braces and all that, after all it does hold your mast up!!... That might just be me?...

Anyhooo... If you're travelling down West for Bri's training you're in for a treat it really is the best sailing location in the UK and Bri certainly knows where and how to point a Dart!!


Re: Bridle Chainplates

The original Dart no 1 had its chainplates held on with pop rivets (They were stainless steel rivets as far as I am aware) This would be an excellent solution that you can do yourself with a normal rivet gun(Important not to use the alloy rivets that react with stainless steel though) I have used this method myself in the past but just make sure to fill the hole in the middle of the rivet with silicone. - The difficult bit is getting hold of the correct rivets!