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dry suits

can any body help iv always used wet suits to sail in, but want to try a dry suit can anybody recomend one as there are so many to pick from

Re: dry suits

Hi Ian

I have tried several kinds of drysuit, but would fully recommend my typhoon drysuit. Manufactured and serviced in the UK. I bought it at the London Boat show in 2007 and have had a full season (both winter and summer) with no issues whatsover.

My son has a Trident drysuit which was passed down from my daughter and is now in it's 5th season although it did have new seals and boots (fitted by Andaark).

My daughter has a Gul drysuit although good is not as robust as the Typhoon or Trident suits.

Would definitely reccommend a breathable suit as it can be worn all year.

Hope this helps.


Re: dry suits

thanks nick thats a great help i will have a look thanks


Re: dry suits

I bought a breathable Crewsaver one at the Dinghy Show in 2007. Wore it almost all summer (er, we did have a summer last year, didn't we?). It was great - so nice not to feel your boots fill with cold Thames water. And breathable meant it was wearable and comfortable most days.