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main sheet

What is the best main sheet to use. Does 16 plait matt polyester 10mm work well? Is this maffioli?? rope a lot better. How long should it be? Thanks

Re: main sheet

Hi Tom, I find 16 plait matt 10mm mainsheet works the best, as it is easier to grip and makes pulling it in, in strong winds easier. It is also easier to put into and release from the jam cleat. It has its downsides in that it dosn't run so well through the blocks in light weather but that is more than made up for by its advantages in heavy weather. You need about 10 metres. I have never heard of or tried "maffiole"

Re: main sheet

Hi Tom,

Personal preferance rules here, these are my considerations..

10mm 16 plait matt poly great for heavy weather, like fairy, kind on your hands! Can be slow to ease in the lighter stuff.

9mm (minimum thickness, class rules) of the above. What I used for years, a great durable and not too expensive all-rounder.

Maffioli, pimp your ride!! Expensive but the best if performance is key. Its a myth that it's significantly lighter when dry but where it does score highly is it when its wet, it doesn't hold or absorb as much water (weight) as the matt poly. I've had mine for 2 seasons now and just need to top and tail it as its starting to get a bit fury around the cleat!!

Mainsheet length 9000 mm +/- 1300mm, 9mm minimum thickness.

er hmmm, I stock all types discussed!! 07881 781515

Hope this helps


Re: main sheet

Hi, We sell a lot of light weight (mm mainsheet on the Windsport "Catparts" website, but with the new style ropes it is good idea to bulk out the end that goes into the mainsheet block so that it is clamped firmly. When we send out new mainsheets to Dart sailors we always do this so the rope is ready to be fitted.
Brian Windsport

Re: main sheet

I have always used 10mm braid on braid, In fact I bought a new one today from aladdins cave - cost £11.50. It runs really smoothly and will not fail scutineering (if we get a tough scutineer the 9mm stuff could very well fail as if it is 8.99mm it is illegal!) What it says on the reel of rope dosent matter -its what it actually measures at! There are lighter ropes around but they are not so kind on the hands.