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Leave mast fixed?

Would it be a good idea to secure the mast in the fixed position with a pin, as used when raising or lowering the mast, to stop the mast pivoting and wearing out the ball when the boat is left in the dinghy park?

Re: Leave mast fixed?

I usually tie the traveller to the spanner to stop the mast rotating. Using a pin would be more effective.

Re: Leave mast fixed?

Putting the pin in is not a good idea as it fixes the mast sideways to the boat. It will create a lot more windage this way.It will still vibtate and damage the ball and mast foot around the pin as it will be stainless steel wearing out the aluminium .I use the method that simon uses which holds the mast fairly tight but still allows it to rotate enough into the prevailing wind.

Re: Leave mast fixed?

Thanks for that. I'll use the traveller.

Re: Leave mast fixed?

Interesting comments.

If you are worried about wear;
You could use a Teflon patch, that is what Hobies use on thier balls!!!
Years ago, people used a copper penny. ooh eer!!