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Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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Silly Vincent Games Pt 3 (more captions)

*sigh* We have officially been turned down by allstarz and a few websearch engines bc we are TOO UGLY. **** em. Superficial little slackers. IT'S ONLY SKIN MAN!!

Whatever. The uglier the better!

I've two MORE new pics compliments of Mangust. Am gonna give that one a kidney if she keeps it up. One anyway, I need the other to store the Merlot and Jack.

Will upload sometime tonight. Right now though I've got to try to convince my 3 yr old that the very last thing we need to bring to Cali with us is the 4 week old kitten she just found. Yikes.

I simply HAD to caption this photo. Please do go on and add your own captions too!

"Oh come on Brad, you got to play Merlin last night!!Why do I always have to wear the skirt?!"

Re: Silly Vincent Games Pt 3 (more captions)

For God's sake Brad, did you KNOW they were getting your costume from Liza Minelli?

Re: Silly Vincent Games Pt 3 (more captions)

Oh Christ, he's wearing his warrior mumu again...


ROFLMAO. You guys crack me up. WB Karla!!!

Everytime I see that pic another slanderous and licentious phrase dances through my little perverse head....


Re: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I know, it's like the pic that spawned a thousand captions - at least in my head!

Move over, Jim Morrison. It's Brad Pitt, Caftan King.