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No one shits roses.

(Except maybe Monica Bellucci and let me be the first person to offer to check that for you).

Rules: Flaming the living fuck out of each other will not be tolerated. Neither will anything reeking of racism, bigotry or homophobia. This is a diversity loving site. Namaste.

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If you post something which will harm another person or could get me sued, I will warn and ask you to remove it. If you want to sue me, get in line behind all of the student loan people... it is a very very long line though.

Peace. Enjoy.

Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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Plea for assistance from your spastic website owner!

Hola mi queridos. I recently upgraded us to a paid account, no more ads (yipppeee) plus I now have something like a gazillion a-bite of...something, and more bandwidth (whatever the hell that is anyway). Blah blah whatever and now I have the domain "" which I *think* is where this site should be.

Guess what? IT DOESN'T JUST MOVE ON ITS OWN. No s_hit. I have to MOVE IT MYSELF. Suuuure, pay bravenet some cash and now it gets complicated. Crap.


So what now? I mean besides the obvious get drunk and pack more boxes? Heheh. S_hit. Long day over here in box hell. Had to say farewell to too many people I love today. I've been tossing Baileys and frozen bananas in the blender all night. Who needs a mixer when you have fruity

HELP. Someone out there PLEASE HELP. I know that one of you brilliant ladies can email me a FREAKIN CLUE. Please make it very very simple too. Pretend I live at the very bottom of the bell curve in the negative direction. Mkay?

Listen, this domain thing comes with I think 5 email accounts (or something). Anyone who helps me can have their own happy email with Wouldn't that be cool? Geeky, yes. But cool anyway. I know that I want one. If I can ever figure out how to SET IT UP.

*falls over*
*gets up to find a light*

*begs some more*

Re: Plea for assistance from your spastic website owner!

And yes I KNOW I am replying to myself. I just wanted to say that I blame the fact that I am basically **** faced on CONNIE. That's right folks. Before she came along with her little Bailey's sweet tooth I was a Jack Daniels, Scotch or Merlot type of cocktail hour person. Beverages that you SIP. Beverages that you NEVER toss in a blender with a fruit. Beverages that you don't ACCIDENTALLY end up trashed on.

No one ever turns around and says "Oh wow I just had 4 huge milkshakes of banana Jack." It just doesn't HAPPEN.

Yup. Connie's fault. I would stick her pic on my voo doo doll, but I've ALREADY PACKED IT.

*goes off in search of snack*

Re: Re: Plea for assistance from your spastic website owner!

Do I hear my name being taken in vain? I did NOT force you to drink a whole bottle of Baileys, nor did I send you one! Whatever gave you the idea of whirling Bailey's in a blender with bananas? That's almost sacrilege. All must bow down to the sacred bottle and worship at it's lovely carmel er feet. So THERE! And I don't even have a bottle in the house at the moment.....oh NaT....can I come have some of your stuff? Please????

Re: Plea for assistance from your spastic website owner!

Yuhuh can have some. But only if you lay in my bed and talk dirty to me.


and I have VIDEO.


Re: Re: Plea for assistance from your spastic website owner!

THat was YOUR bed? Oh MY! If you think that's talking "dirty", well, all I can say is that you don't know what dirty is. I know several people that are much more well versed than I am!

Re: Plea for assistance from your spastic website owner!

Ohhhh water very good. Aspirin VERY BAD.

Water and a BAGEL. Preemptive hangover cure.