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No one shits roses.

(Except maybe Monica Bellucci and let me be the first person to offer to check that for you).

Rules: Flaming the living fuck out of each other will not be tolerated. Neither will anything reeking of racism, bigotry or homophobia. This is a diversity loving site. Namaste.

Questions? Comments? Complaints?  I tend to call it like I see it. If I offend and feel an apology is warranted I will issue one to the person I offended. For instance, if I hurt your feelings I will apologize, but I am not going to offer an apology for saying that I think Orlando Bloom SUCKED in Troy. Not unless he calls me and informs me that my little remark has screwed his sleep cycle. Got it? So please, save your fangirling for a place that gives a shit. I simply don't own the patience.

If you post something which will harm another person or could get me sued, I will warn and ask you to remove it. If you want to sue me, get in line behind all of the student loan people... it is a very very long line though.

Peace. Enjoy.

Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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vinni comes from,,,,,

Before deciding to become an actor Vincent worked as a builder on building sites across London. Since opting for acting as a warmer profession he’s been working on theatre stages from the RSC and the National to tiny fringe theatres. He’s 36 years old and was born in London, but often ends up playing Irish roles because his family are from County Roscommon.

More recently he’s appeared in stacks of TV dramas. Just lately you may have seen him in Eureka Street, Murphy’s Law or Rebel Heart. But he’s not been so busy that he hasn’t had time to pop over to Hollywood to appear in the medieval fantasy Black Knight

Re: vinni comes from,,,,,

Sweet Shirl and thanks. Although, when quoting an article that you found please please please provide links. Also, that one is 2 years old - Vincent will be (or already is) 38 this year.

Older, wiser, hotter.

I've got a pic of his lady up in the news section with links to her work references.

Peace and welcome!!

Re: Re: vinni comes from,,,,,

thanks for that sweet reply, add a link? sorry hun can only just e-mail and copy/paste thats my lot. think you're all cool adding icons and doing this fab FAB web site.
stay happy

Aw Shirl

Linking is easy hon. You just.. um... cripes and I forget how to link...

Okay. Here we go. It's a cold day in hell bc someone as html illiterate as I am is going to try to teach this to you. Sorry. Better teaching staff costs money and I am cheap and easy - you get what you pay for Babe!

Please note there is probably a FAR easier way of doing this but I don't know it!

Naked Vincent

a) cut and paste your linkie. Then begin it with
< A href=
(don't space the < and the A, I just did it here bc if not it turns this into a link!)

b)End it with ">

c)Immediately follow it with the name of what you are linking - I called mine Naked Vincent

d) End that with /A>

Poof you are a linker! Or you could just say SHUT THE F** UP NAT, BE GLAD I GAVE YOU INFO AT ALL YOU ARE SUCH A ROYAL PAIN IN MY A**. That would be fine too

Speaking of links and totally OT, does anyone recall that horrible Antonio Banderas/Rebecca Demorney flick where she tossed him against the chainlink fence surrounding her bed and then took a huge bite of his gorgeous naked ass??

I've been mesmerized by chain link fencing ever since then.

F*ck I need therapy. *talks to self*

Re:Ta NaT

thanks for the tips NaT lost me on the < bit had that glazed look in my eyes can't cope with it all like you young'uns and old cronie like me (40) its a tough I.T. world out there but i will try.
thanks hun


Now come on Shirl, 40 isn't old at all! Am heading there in a few years myself Can count them on one hand now even.

See? Not too young. Just very immature

Besides, age is nothing but a number and those fine lines that begin to pattern skin nothing more than roadmaps of our adventures on this big blue ball. Something we've earned.


Ohhw ar'nt you nice, told you i was bad tho even ticked the wrong smilie!
it sounds like you know me sooo well , i would have said Very, very immature bordering looni bin
mind you the kids love it!
be good be kind play bad