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No one shits roses.

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Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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too weird

hi-ya all.. this is too bloody weird you like everythin i love. watching patric m in the prisoner...
because i am a number! my best bud is a megga fan and went to port merion (or however its spelt ) so my computer is now full of badges and prisoner mouse mats...i actually worked for a short while with his stunt man really nice guy told me all sorts..pat shares the same birthday as me.
HOWEVER its not fair you getting Empire we'll get it years later. Mega depressed ive accidently half recorded over the planman aggggh, bad Bad accent on that tho
love ya

Re: too weird

LOL Shirl - what on earth are you trying to SAY?

And no fear hon, am certain that when Empire hits our shores we will be able to somehow get it to you very soon

**whistles ever so innocently**

Re: Re: too weird

hi-ya Totaly lost it yesterday was meaning to reply to karla bur did'nt check the reply bit and started a whole new bit off..... really fu****g lousy time at work...was all screwed up
But hey the sun is out today, its unbearably hot and we are partaying...
(glug glug large swig of bud)
and who cares?
thanks for the empire bit
take care
luv shirl

Re: too weird

Ooooh, like what did the stunt man tell you? Anything that can be repeated? Portmeiron looks so wouldn't expect a Mediterranean style resort out in Wales. It's creepy in a way.

And Patrick McGoohan...what can I say? Fine specimen to look at. I think I love that highly-torqued quality of No. 6. He needs to get rid of that tension.

So that was a bad accent in Planman? Coulda fooled me. Hell, he TALKED, he was in it lots, and that's good enough for me. Eh, it's probably "standard" Scottish, kinda like how actors adopt a standard drawl for the entire bloody Southern U.S. Though Russell Crowe's West Virginian in "A Beautiful Mind" sounded more like Sean Connery to my ears. And Tom Hanks and Kevin Costner should be killed for massacring a Boston accent. THOSE are offensive on a grand scale. Vincent's brilliant in comparison.