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No one shits roses.

(Except maybe Monica Bellucci and let me be the first person to offer to check that for you).

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If you post something which will harm another person or could get me sued, I will warn and ask you to remove it. If you want to sue me, get in line behind all of the student loan people... it is a very very long line though.

Peace. Enjoy.

Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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coif it up! ahemm

Hi peeps... well whats all the chuntering about? first im not a researcher i just know my stuff, like a doctor knows about medicine i know my armour and swords. I have my own rapier and main gauche a hand and a half sword and a medieval sword all which are live (sharp) i also have my own chain mail coif (Head cover, like the one vinni has on in joan of arc) and full suit, tho i dont wear it. Mind you having seen what some folk have done with theirs and re modified it to make a very feminine undergarment, better than cher's i would'nt mind changing mine.
The point i was trying to make was and lets face it its not that hard, is good facts are out there and easy to find, not just on the internet but in books available to loan from the Tower of london and other good authorities who know what they are talking about and LOVE to yap on all day long if not year long on their passion.
so there! *lol* now you have it i'll step off my
love yaz

Re: coif it up! ahemm

Oh come on Shirl, we were just playing. Besides, it is always wonderful to learn new

WHO KNEW YOU HAD A WHOLE OUTFIT AND WEAPONS. Shirl my dear sexeh one... wanna play show and tell??


Also, while it is wonderful that the Tower of London will lend you books, the closest Karla and I are gonna get to it is Tower Records on Sunset. So we are sh*t outta luck in that endeavor.


How did Vincent get that scar that runs from his lip down the left side of his chin? Any thoughts? Am fairly certain that like his F*CKING BIRTHPLACE AND DATE we will never know... so have a go at it, be creative. Winner gets a prize.

I'm thinking bar brawl. Or auto accident. Shark bite? Overzealous chick with a really bad bikini wax? Maybe that kid on the email list popped him when he wouldn't give her halloween candy??

Re: scar face

hi ya. Listen girl seeing me naked in chain mail is Not a pritty sight bear in mind ive had two 9lb babies
(talk about a wizards sleve)seeing me stood in that lot would scare anyone including my hubby( Mind you....*kinki thoughts* )
Well ...please don't shout at me and i WILL try and find the link vini was a builder in london and by all acounts was a bit of a jack the lad fights and all.Thats where he got that deelish scar from.
As for the tower worked for them for a while GREAT fun.
love ya

Re: Re: scar face

Hmm...dunno Babe, am sure you are still looking gorgeous in that shiny mesh ;) By all means, bring on the link *ducks* and please DO TELL ... "by all accounts (V) was a bit of a jack, the lad fights and all."

Okay, by the accounts of WHOM? We'll get it out of ya Shirl, have no doubt. Karl and I have ways of making you talk :) Btw, was lost in thumbnail hell tonight, trying to distract myself with a mundane task and noticed that in Touch of Frost it would *seem* that he has no scar. So that puppy is recent to the past 8 yrs or so. At least it looks that way on the screencaps. Only the Shadow Knows. Anyway, the Touch of Frost and PlanMan galleries are up.

My latest guess? One lone Halloween night, Sh*tfaced on JD, he tried to shave in the shower with a dull blade. Some 14 yr old moron in a witch costume began pounding the doorbell. He slipped on his way out of the tub.

The rest my dears, is history :)

Peace, warm thoughts and wishes of safety to all.

Re: rack

ok..ok.. i'll wear the chainmail but can i still go on the rack? and who gets the bull whip? bring it on!
think vince may have been glassed? some dodgy pubs around.
will have a look when i have the time..
love shirl
ps here is a sad moment for you to contenplate...
LOVE watching invasion amandas daughter Vincents daughter in real life? have a look at his eyes then hers, look at her mouth how the edges curl up so does his ! she also has his manorisams?
what do you think?


hi-ya Love the new set up ..... do you ever sleep?
photos are fab, had a good shufties at the touch of frost (which is filmed in my home town!)photos and he does have the scar, not that im a argumentitive mardi ar*se.
anyhows saw your other message, Eureka street is fab along with his irish accent tho how ive tried to get it on d.v.d the bbc are so pants at putting their progs out for sale. as for the other one where he plays the doctor UTTER, UTTER CRAP love vinni but i left it on the second episode it was that bad. messiah 2 is good better than the first vince plays a gay cop who gets his partner killed by the mad man then kills himself..only in it for a few mins but hey good film!
see ya
love shirl


What's sleep?? *has vague memory of something warm and fuzzy from loooooong ago* Sheep...weren't there sheep??

Um. No I DON'T SLEEP. Heh. Sh*t. Such a long week Shirl my dear. Too long. Anyway - didn't know Tof Frost was filmed in your hometown, it is sitting around here somewhere. I may actually find time to watch it someday...

Yeah yeah yeah, scars were there in Hard Men too... so I suppose they are very old. Perhaps a tricycle fall as a child? Pulled some girl's ponytail in 2nd grade and she took out half his face? Mom popped him with a frying pan? *wonders what MY mom was doing at his house...*

Look I really MUST have Eureka Street. SOMEONE IS HOLDING OUT ON ME. Someplace there is a person who had the foresight to tape the f*cking thing. Don't make me send my squirrel to do my dirty work. He's a little... NUTS.

Christ, I miss NYC tonight. Wanna go HOME.

**feels 12 years old**

sad day

hi NaT did'nt know you came from NY.
my kids and i went to church today to light candles and say a prayer. the whole of the city had a minute silence in respect of the memories of the horror- what more can i say. my hubby loves NY and keeps on at me to go over... ......

Anyhow i'll keep a lookout for eureka street. ive written to the beeb and tried everywhere to get it on dvd or video. the problem is it ran over six weeks on bbc 2 which unless you're a bit of a nurd you never really tune into and if my memory serves me well missed a week for bank holiday or something?
if i get it you're first on the list.
sending huggs and happy thoughts

Re: coif it up! ahemm

Ohhhh, the rack eh? Mkay, new kinkiness to discover and weaknesses to exploit. BRING IT ON. Er, wait. I have no rack, sorry - I do have a riding crop though. For horsey lessons, I swear;) And they look terribly good with those english riding boots!!

Hey now I think you are on to something chica. That scar definitely looks like he might have been on the wrong end of a broken ale bottle. It wasn't one I swung, as I always remember my drunken brawls! Strange that I look upon those times as the "good ol' days." What could be more fun than getting sh*tfaced and having a good go at someone? HEHE.

Anyway...don't know about the kid in Invasion Earth. I'll have to check her out again. Interestingly enough I have this rather odd feeling that Vincent probably does have a teenaged daughter. I've not a freakin' clue as to WHY I feel that way, I just do. *cues twilight zone theme* and NO I haven't touched the tarot deck. It's just rather odd is all. Although I am rather odd sometimes.

hugs and cuddles sent out to Karla -

nite all!!