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Welcome and feel free to post as you will. Please note that snarky posts are welcome, and the opinionated are embraced. Go on and post what you may, rant about any actor or topic you choose. Loved something? Hated it? Post it. Hell it is our space not theirs and I abhor sites which breed sycophants. This isn't a church and no one gets venerated. Not even sweet Vincent.

No one shits roses.

(Except maybe Monica Bellucci and let me be the first person to offer to check that for you).

Rules: Flaming the living fuck out of each other will not be tolerated. Neither will anything reeking of racism, bigotry or homophobia. This is a diversity loving site. Namaste.

Questions? Comments? Complaints?  I tend to call it like I see it. If I offend and feel an apology is warranted I will issue one to the person I offended. For instance, if I hurt your feelings I will apologize, but I am not going to offer an apology for saying that I think Orlando Bloom SUCKED in Troy. Not unless he calls me and informs me that my little remark has screwed his sleep cycle. Got it? So please, save your fangirling for a place that gives a shit. I simply don't own the patience.

If you post something which will harm another person or could get me sued, I will warn and ask you to remove it. If you want to sue me, get in line behind all of the student loan people... it is a very very long line though.

Peace. Enjoy.

Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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Re: swoon.

Hehe. Now you just HAVE a helmet doncha Shirl? YOU DO!! Teasy Brit bondage wench:)I don't recall seeing that helmet shot in the finished copy of Troy, although it's been a while...

Haven't seen Messiah yet - have a copy? *falls to knees and licks your toes* Purty please?? I feel so deprived on my side of the pond. *huggles* ~N

Re: dvd

hi NaT, not too up on formats, will you be able to play our dvd's in the states? my friend keeps on telling me that they you have a different format to us?
might feel a little frivolous and buy you a copy...
let me know?
love shirl.
ps no i havent a helmet was trying my hardest to get a pig face helmet...leave it there shall we?

Re: Re: dvd

You are just a BIT enamoured with Invasion Earth aren't ya my little POLL SKEWER :)

Hehehe. Sure, keep on pointing and clicking that little circle. Loved it, was a howl. Although not my fav - that would be Hard Men.

Not my MOST HATED AND GIMME BACK MY 90 minutes of life Point Men either. Is it just me or did that flick TOTALLY SUCK?? *sigh* I know that on my deathbed I will want those 90 minutes back. I already DO. Everyone was terrible in it, even Vincent, who managed to mangle more accents in less minutes AND prove that white boys can't dance all at once. *sighs again* Apologies to Lambert fans but you'll never get me to believe anyone can understand that lispy drawl of his. The whole freakin flick was an ad for speech therapy wasn't it? IT WAS.

Anyhow. Back in LA *kisses Venice beach* DVDs are by region my darlin', so yours won't play in ours BUT I happen to have PAL and UK region capability, so I can play anything. Am foreign film w*hore. What ya want to send? Porno?? *grins* Aww thinking of me you are *blush blush*

huggles and OUT,
Gmail NaT :)
*who wants to hear the pig mask story*

ok hands up it was me!

ok ok you found me out... it was me who rigged the invasion earth vote but hey.....looks lovely in that flying suit and SOMEBODY had to vote for it and seeing it was the film i first found vinni i have a bit of a love for it.
Anyhows if you think that one is bad and hey point men IS bad then messiah is about three steps behind it. The only saving grace is that its a dam good storyline and puts all the gory films to shame....not what you would want your kids to see.... a serial killer killing people in the same way saints (biblical) died..NOT NICE!
anyhows do ya want it or not?
love shirl.
ps vinnis only in it for 5 or ten mins tops.

Re: swoon.


Me wantses. Pretty please????

*drops to knees*

Drop me a line please and I'll give you my snail mailer.

*smooches Shirl*

Oh and I LIKED Invasion Earth. I really really did. Watched the entire thing in one night and then watched it again over a few days. WAS FUN!!!


""vinn is only in it for 5 or ten mins tops.""

You know Shirl... taken the *wrong* way this might be an indicator of .... an issue of an altogether DIFFERENT NATURE.

*grins most evil grin*

Oh and tell pig mask story please :)