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Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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hi zara, sorry if i keep goin on but its just one of those things you being nearest to vince and all.. anyhows
did you go to his wedding? cos i read that he wed in yorkshire. where in yorkshire? being a yorkshire lassie i'd love to know?
and do you get chance to go on set?

AWWW Shirl....

Your emoticons are SO CUTE. *has an awwwwwwww moment*

Always pulling that Yorkie card aren't ya? Yup. SEE HOW YOU ARE? *waves a palm tree and warm weather at you*

Until Zara has a chance to reply, I'll do my best to fill in the blanks First I am going to give Santa an Ativan/Haldol cocktail...just so he can SLEEP ya know, not to hide from him or anything...

Vincent's Wedding Day (NOT BY NaT)

It was a lovely clear, freezing day in Yorkshire. A day just like every other bitter, cold, frigid, toe numbing, wouldn't-you-rather-be-in-Los-Angeles-instead-come-'ere-Vincent-I-have-a-palm-tree? day. The bride looked absolutely stunning in white, the groom wore blue to go with those eyes and the wedding party was dressed in assorted hues of amber, to match the beer. Tres coordinated, no?

All was going exceeding well. Peace and tranquility inhaled deeply with each breath. Even the air felt dreamy and calm. Two dozen snow white doves waited to be released to the skies... When suddenly....

Angelina Jolie popped out of the wedding cake. Covered in honey and naked except for a tiny studded dog collar and a riding crop! She was soon followed by Antonio Banderas, who wouldn't you know it - was wearing the SAME exact outfit. **GASPS** OMG, wedding guest faux pas!!

Oh wait, that er, wasn't his wedding, it was um...NEVERMIND.

*waits patiently for Zara*

Re: yorkist through and through

nice one NaT now thats what i call a wedding.
Sorry you can keep the palm trees wouldnt swap yorkshire for nothing..beautiful all around. full of history, bronte land etc just so lovely.
gonna e- you lot later with some good news!
love yas

Re: zara

Hi Shirl,

Yes the wedding was in Yorkshire and its was brill.
But I dont think its a good idea if I put where...because its where Amelia's parents live and with their privacy and all that I Think I'll get into trouble! sorry!
Also, just to let you know (if you dnt already) Vinni is going into buisness..setting up a production company with james far as I know vinni will be behind the scenes and James will be acting.
Sorry for lack of info people!