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Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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sorry all got a bit carried away.....
mr nesbit who our pal zara tells us is directing/acting with vince- does a few ads for yellow pages, a little funny, no big deal.
sorry again,
love shirl

No problem...

Let's keep everything on this thread for a bit, okay???

Hey - I have a couple of extra invites for Gmail. If anyone wants one - drop me a line!

Re: sorry

Vincent is working with a dude who does Yellow Page Ads????

*ponders whether this is a step up or down from working with Pitt*

*gets confused and falls over*

WHAT IS HIS MANAGEMENT THINKING?? Cripes, I can do better than that. Come to my place for poker on any Wednesday night. We've got Paramount producers, Disney reps, free lance PR and the pothead next door! Old pals from very colourful days. Except the pothead. He wasn't born yet. Ya know, the days when someone asking for your ID to buy beer WASN'T yet a compliment. At all ;)

So...does this Yellow Pages guy .... well, does he dance with chickens or do the hula, or something interesting???

He doesn't eat paste does he??

*tries to think of something nice to say*

"I am certain that he looks lovely in those ads and um..the yellow pages bring out the colour of er.. HIS EYES??"

Speaking of Vincent projects... It seems Love is trying to get custody of her kid back. Isn't there going to be a time when someone, anyone will put the interests of that child FIRST?

Re: sorry

Hey, Courtney's a great mom! She approves of her daughter's new rock mullet! (courtesy of the new People Weekly rag) The kid apparently hates herself if she had her hair deliberately done like that.

Re: sorry

hey people,
Sorry for the outbust

um james Nesbit was the bloke in 'cold feet'. hes going into partnership with him- which Nat! ...could be good! the are goin to have a production company.. well i think so anyway.


Thanks for clarifying Zara, I hope it goes well for him!

Karla, don't even get me started. Trust me, you don't want to bc I'll fill these pages with my tirades. Hhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss. ARGH. Am a trauma specialist ya know, severely abused kids...


*hisses more*

If Love didn't have the cash flow to defend herself she would just be another abusive addict who lost custody and the kid might have had a chance. As it is Fran gets tossed from family member to family member. NO stability, NO structure, NO consistency.

Although the hair is kinda cute Babe. My 7 yr old just got his streaked blue and green. I told him if he wanted it enough to sit in a salon on Abbott Kinney for two hours to do it, he could. So he did. Little surfer nut. It's adorable and it peeves my ex inlaws to no end. HEHEHEHE.

Re: sorry

You want child abuse?

But seriously, you're right. It's her money and celebrity that keep her out of prison or whatever. If Robert Downey Jr. was a regular black guy, he'd have been put away for life long since.



HAHAHAHAHA. Sh*t. Too scary!!

Hey Zara, in case you didn't know I've been very good, kinda good, only sorta evil this year and all I want for Christmas is World Peace, Bush out of Office, Monica Bellucci and a copy of Eureka Street.

Think you can help me out with any of those kiddo??

*crosses fingers*

Re: sorry

Just looked at James Nesbitt's IMDB profile. Now I remember him from that episode of Covington Cross - cheesy, anachronistic medieval show from 1992. But it had Jonathan Firth (Colin's baby bro) in it and my high school hormones responded appropriately.