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Welcome and feel free to post as you will. Please note that snarky posts are welcome, and the opinionated are embraced. Go on and post what you may, rant about any actor or topic you choose. Loved something? Hated it? Post it. Hell it is our space not theirs and I abhor sites which breed sycophants. This isn't a church and no one gets venerated. Not even sweet Vincent.

No one shits roses.

(Except maybe Monica Bellucci and let me be the first person to offer to check that for you).

Rules: Flaming the living fuck out of each other will not be tolerated. Neither will anything reeking of racism, bigotry or homophobia. This is a diversity loving site. Namaste.

Questions? Comments? Complaints?  I tend to call it like I see it. If I offend and feel an apology is warranted I will issue one to the person I offended. For instance, if I hurt your feelings I will apologize, but I am not going to offer an apology for saying that I think Orlando Bloom SUCKED in Troy. Not unless he calls me and informs me that my little remark has screwed his sleep cycle. Got it? So please, save your fangirling for a place that gives a shit. I simply don't own the patience.

If you post something which will harm another person or could get me sued, I will warn and ask you to remove it. If you want to sue me, get in line behind all of the student loan people... it is a very very long line though.

Peace. Enjoy.

Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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Danka Darlin'

And I hate that administrative crapola. YUCK.

*passes out merlot*

Yeah my sweet Blue State sister. I don't see what the big deal is, either way. Peeps are peeps and between those in NY and here, have had some interesting neighbors nearby. It's just not a "thing" ya know? YOU KNOW :) Venice Beach has a bunch of actors stuffed in it. All is cool. Although, if I ever run across Dennis Hopper late one dark night on a walkstreet I'll probably FLEE in a moment of terror. Lurve him but Freeeeaaaaaaakkkkky dude.

So. Still want to secede? I do. But I want to take Cali with me. And NY. And you guys. I say we just give the South BACK to the South.

*waves bye bye to it*

Re: not interested

I don't know what the 13 colonies did back in 1791 to bribe The Republic of Vermont to join them, but if I could, I'd zip back in time and give them all a royal b*tchslapping. We COULD have joined Canada! *weeps*

Little known piece of history: The Rebs actually got as far as Vermont. They stole some gold from a bank up here and tried to make it over the border to Canada. They got caught, but the gold wasn't ever found. Been driving treasure hunters nuts for 140 years.

But yeah, the Red States can have each other. Gays and lesbians welcome to join us! We know the fundies wouldn't want their Great Society tainted. Ugh, hate to sound so overtly political on a celebrity site, but the hypocritical egotistical whiners have been driving me batsh*t the past month. So much for the "Christian" virtue of humility...

political ramblings on a celebrity site!


**falls over in giggles**

No kidding Babe, Shrub and his people had better think again - "MANDATE" my a**. 51% isn't a mandate. Then again, Bush never was a very good student was he? My, my, my what Daddy can't buy you, eh?

Although why we expected the descendents of slave owners to vote any differently is beyond me. Have you checked the websites? has a huge variety of folks on it and the now seemingly defunct was a bunch of people brandishing assault weapons. I'm guessing that the legality issues surrounding some of those rifles is why the site got bagged. Lovely.

That one of the richest countries in the world is run by an egotistical little pr*ck is beyond frightening. History will not be kind to him, nor should it be. We've worsened the situation in Afghanistan, murdered at least tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq, systematically destroyed numerous laws and international pacts designed to protect the environment, further poisoned our own drinking supplies, taken sexual education and made it a dangerous abstinence joke, attacked the rights of women, denied the civil rights of GBL populations and turned almost all allies against us.

Was ashamed for a long while. Now am simply ****** off. The sh*t stops NOW. There are plenty of groups out there that have become even more active and salient since the election. Will post a ton of links to them this weekend for anyone interested.

Peace (one day eh?) & Out (even if who I love/f*ck ****** the Red off)


Re: not interested

Ditto and then some, NaT! I've seen that Sorry Everybody site. Wish I had a digital camera, else I'd contribute. It's a great site. And I saw the "answer" site as well - first heard about it from Mark Morford's column at (LOVE that guy! The only thing I read religiously. )

I learned the extent to which Bush is hated around the world when a friend of mine told me that a drunk old man staggered into the tiny library in the tiny town of Aura, Finland, and proceeded to rant against Bush as she sat at the circulation desk. He IS a uniter!

I try to keep my humor - it's the only thing I have. Daily Show, take me away!

Re: Re: not interested

Lurve that site! He rocks. Find a way to get a message up on sorryeverybody. It is worth the scan. Cathartic.