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Welcome and feel free to post as you will. Please note that snarky posts are welcome, and the opinionated are embraced. Go on and post what you may, rant about any actor or topic you choose. Loved something? Hated it? Post it. Hell it is our space not theirs and I abhor sites which breed sycophants. This isn't a church and no one gets venerated. Not even sweet Vincent.

No one shits roses.

(Except maybe Monica Bellucci and let me be the first person to offer to check that for you).

Rules: Flaming the living fuck out of each other will not be tolerated. Neither will anything reeking of racism, bigotry or homophobia. This is a diversity loving site. Namaste.

Questions? Comments? Complaints?  I tend to call it like I see it. If I offend and feel an apology is warranted I will issue one to the person I offended. For instance, if I hurt your feelings I will apologize, but I am not going to offer an apology for saying that I think Orlando Bloom SUCKED in Troy. Not unless he calls me and informs me that my little remark has screwed his sleep cycle. Got it? So please, save your fangirling for a place that gives a shit. I simply don't own the patience.

If you post something which will harm another person or could get me sued, I will warn and ask you to remove it. If you want to sue me, get in line behind all of the student loan people... it is a very very long line though.

Peace. Enjoy.

Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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Re: not interested

Ditto and then some, NaT! I've seen that Sorry Everybody site. Wish I had a digital camera, else I'd contribute. It's a great site. And I saw the "answer" site as well - first heard about it from Mark Morford's column at (LOVE that guy! The only thing I read religiously. )

I learned the extent to which Bush is hated around the world when a friend of mine told me that a drunk old man staggered into the tiny library in the tiny town of Aura, Finland, and proceeded to rant against Bush as she sat at the circulation desk. He IS a uniter!

I try to keep my humor - it's the only thing I have. Daily Show, take me away!

Re: Re: not interested

Lurve that site! He rocks. Find a way to get a message up on sorryeverybody. It is worth the scan. Cathartic.