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Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

YES. Tonight's episode ROCKED. (well at least all 20 minutes or so that I caught of it). YIPPEEE. Salvation. Salivation. Something.

Thank you guys SO MUCH for posting your reviews. This site has had over 26,000 hits since Empire came out and YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES TO BOTHER TO POST.

The rest of you lurkers better shape the hell up! Please????

In other news, indeedy Karla. People are getting a wee bit frightening. Say he's a good actor, cool. Say he's hot, fine. Say he's your fave masturbatory fantasy object, sweet. Screech that you are "IN LOVE" with someone you don't KNOW and I get kinda worried for you. Rant that you must have his babies, and I think it's time for you to go outside and get some fresh air. A LOT of fresh air.

Speaking of screeching - KARLA WHERE IS THE NEXT CHAPTER EH????

I must now go off to Amazon and look up a certain book **grins** Gay male in a straight fem body eh? Sounds like a drag babe. I'm sorry hon. **hugs** You know though, they make toys for that. Ones with pretty black leather belts ;)

Speaking of toys - OMG you guys have to go to that STFU TOM store and get something. I LOVE my t-shirt. I had the crappiest 12 hour work day and came home tonight and there it was in a little bag waiting for me YAY. Total silliness. LOVE.

(although not LOVE as in "In Love" as in "OMG I WANT TO HAVE THE BABIES OF A TOTAL STRANGER" love. No. NO. NO NO NO NO NO.)

Hmm..but if his face ever JUST HAPPENED to be the same height level as my thighs... ALL BETS ARE OFF DAMMIT.

**attempts to whistle innocently and fails miserably**

Here - get a cool T-shirt just like mine. We could all be demented T-shirt twins! Link on the news page!!

Re: Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

NaT wrote: I must now go off to Amazon and look up a certain book **grins** Gay male in a straight fem body eh? Sounds like a drag babe. I'm sorry hon. **hugs** You know though, they make toys for that. Ones with pretty black leather belts ;)

My reference to myself as a gay man in a straight girl's body was done with tongue planted firmly in cheek -- I'm not a penis envier, I'm a penis appreciator!

Speaking of peni (plural of penis), it was a dirty trick to make Vincent wear such obvious undies in the bath. Can't anything be left to the imagination?

He's the only reason to watch the otherwise unexceptional "Empire", but even he's turned in an unsettling performance -- the wimpy crying, the dog fondling, the lame joking. Someone must have thought this would give his character depth, but it's just disturbing.

The beautiful lighting and elegant camera work that impressed me in the first episode have also deteriorated. The play of shadows on Mark Anthony's face during the bath scene was too dark, while the hand-held filming of the pre-orgy rumble was laughably clumsy.

Best line so far: "I always leave before the orgy. May I offer you...a ride?"

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

If it makes you feel better, I hate babies. haha

But still, the screechings about Vincent are still better than the ones about Morrissey. Even AFTER the man claims celibacy the women still want his children...people these days...

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

LOL. Adore Morrissey. A-D-O-R-E. Roflmao, I doubt that Morrissey will be impregnating anyone anytime soon ;)

Celibate eh? Me too!
*wraps in rainbow flag*

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

I like it.
the cinematography its gorgeous, the wardrobe its exquisite, and the cast is great.
Vincent its awesome as always
Jonathan its perfect WHOA!
the only actor that irritates me is Santiago arrgg
can't he act?
i hate how he treats Tyrannus who is supposed to be his teacher, and the man who has saved his life i dunno, like a basillion times! Sheesh!
Overall I love the series, its not perfect, but give me gladiators like Tyrannus, men in skirts, and swordfighting any day.
thank you so much for the gallery in here!! :) i love it!

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

Episode 3 definitely was better than the preceding two, and could Antony's more prominent role have had anything to do with it? Hmmmmm..... Really loved the little impromptu duel with Tyrannus. Playful!Vincent. Bwahahaha....PRECIOUS.

Of course, history went winging off towards Pluto near the end. I was wondering how, if Antony had done such a thing, Octavius would have ever made him part of the triumvirate. I know, keep your enemies close, but JEEZ.

NaT, sorry, another chapter ain't coming for some time. I'm in Finland at the moment and my Brad Dourif mojo wants some attention, so I'm busy writing Grima for the time being. Just went through a spate of depression and pre-travel blues, so I wasn't worth much these past two weeks.

And I'll be missing the final two week of Empire while I'm here. ARRRRRRRRGH! You lucky b*tches, you.

P.S. - Ditto a zillion. Santiago can't act. Even Ricky Martin would have been a better choice. And I don't know why I chose HIM to use as an example, but I did, and there it is.

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.


Chi, sorry about the misunderstanding. Peni admirer here too (almost half the time anyway ;)

Speaking of that tub pic, you wouldn't believe how many requests I've had for the FULL SIZED image of just that one! People are privately starting to debate the um...status of...YEAH. *shakes head and grins* It's too f**ing funny. I can't even come up with news on Vincent's latest project and people expect ME to know if he is circumsized. Hehehe. Yeah, okaaaaaay. Webmaster/urologist at your service!

Ani, am glad that you are enjoying Empire. No problem on the pics hon, I realized that not many places would have them up so I wanted to put them ALL where people could find them.

Karla my dear, I am sorry about your pre-trip blues. You should have hollered, I would have done a silly dance to cheer you. Enjoy your trip and don't even feel TOO badly about leaving me hanging in Eudorus land *sniffles*

RICKY MARTIN??? Hahah. Okay that actually would have been a better casting choice. At least we could laugh and mean it. Santiago just HURTS.

I've got it all on DVD so yell when you get back and I'll send it along.


Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

You know, if it weren't for the bath scenes last night, I would've demanded more attention be focused on Vincent and his pretty armour. But I think all that water has gone to my head.

Pity there's only one episode left, **** ABC for cutting out a whole 2 hours! Everything seems a bit rushed now, not good.

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

its coming to an end *sniff*
they are going to kill tyrannus aren't they?
last night's episode was good, if itt wasn't for the whole, virgin and playboy scenes

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

Water? Tub?

WHAT DID I MISS??? *tantrums* Argh, the one stinkin' night that I just totally blow it off and something interesting happens?


Ya know, a LOT of those Vestals ended up preggers. Makes me think that maaaaaybe they weren't exactly what you would call virgins.

Kinky :)

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

where are the updates?

empire its over it was great!

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

I haven't seen the last episode yet, but my neighbor was WRONG - her TiVo got episode 4 - YAAAAY.

Okay, not to be shallow or anything. Or at least not VERY shallow. Or well, um, eh. It's the merlot. Really. It's GOOD merlot. Good thing too that my mates are picking me up in an hour to club it and I am NOT DRIVING ANYWHERE. Nope.

Anyway, what was the subject?

OH YES. The hottub scene with the pretty young wife. I mean Episode 4. I mean, the FREAKIN' HOT TUB SCENE.


I can't even decide who is purtier - Vincent or the not-blushing-bride. So I'll just keep them as a set, mkay?

What I do know is that I now totally forgive Vincent for wasting 90 minutes of my life with PointMen. PM btw for those of you who haven't seen it, SUCKED. Not just a little, but a LOT and the sex scene he had in it was enough to turn me off of sex (and yes, even masturbating) for at 3 days. THREE DAYS I shall never get back.

But I forgive him now. I so totally do :)

As for the rest of Empire, it kind of grew on me. I thought Vincent did a pretty bang up job. So did many others. Good, solid acting. Santiago still needs to be smacked upside the head, as does the moron that cast him. Everything else was okay, a bit too much of a Gladiator rip off, but okay. There were some good scenes, there were some okay scenes, and I only laughed when I wasn't supposed to a few times. There were WAY TOO MANY COMMERCIALS.

Somehow, I just know that was Santiago's fault. It really was.

There are more pics on ABC but I unfortunately don't have the time to grab - download - shrink to human proportions - upload - thumbnail - organize and post. It will happen, just not anytime soon. Sorry.

Besides, I have to work on figuring out how to get that hot tub scene off of my DVD and on to the site ;)

(but I still don't *LOVE* Vincent)
(bc I don't love people I don't freakin' KNOW)
(still don't want his babies)
(or into his pants)
(not that there is anything wrong in his pants)
(hot tub scene made that pretty d*mned clear)
(but no, no LOVE, no babies, none of that cr*p)

But I wouldn't throw him and that chick out of MY hot tub.

Then again, I don't throw many people out of my hot tub :)

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

Woah woah tub scene? Crap, see what I missed? I haven't gotten around to seeing it yet. Just barely got back from the flight from hell. I got whacked in the face with a plastic spoon when the teen next to me decided to play drums on his table tray.

Nah, I don't want to have Vincent's babies either. I can't even say I love HIM, because I don't know him. I just like his face.

However, his pants (and Sean Bean's) are high on my "interest" list. I guess that's what fanfic is for - you can shag them by proxy.

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

Welcome home hon, how was the trip (other than the dipsh*t with the spoon)????

I've got Empire on DVD if you need it, drop me a line.

Beaner?? Wonderful actor, pretty face too, but honey - he's done sooooo many full-monty's and they are usually ... um...


I'm having deja vu. Where's La to defend him???

Re: Put up your very own Empire Review.

Re: Beaner. Hey, he's a GROWER, not a SHOWER!!!!

Vacation was meh. I was glad to get back home, and so was my back. All that walking around did me in, and I didn't bring my Percoset with me. Just as well, since Finland has sausages as its national veggie. I was bound up enough as it was without adding THAT medication to the mix.

Just glad to be back! Not having much luck finding time to write, however. Been pretty busy just reading the news articles and catching up on what I missed while I was gone.