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Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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final episode of "Empire"

was able to record final ep. while on holiday last wk. Thought it was truly anti-climactic, although VR always adds a breath of excitement...Jonathan C. wasn't bad either. Still, I was a bit letdown. Not enough drama for me.New VR projects in the works???Ciao for now. Cali.

Re: final episode of "Empire"

i thought it was good
Tyrannus with his son was adorable, VR was great
i was expecting something bad to happen but nope nothing
and i'm alright with it.
it would have been better if they had shown more of the battle and less of the talking though

Re: Re: final episode of "Empire"

It just didn't happen for me. If anything it seemed slightly pathetic and rushed like they got over it and wanted it over and done with.