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No one shits roses.

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Peace. Enjoy.

Vincent (with an N) Regan's Very Ugly Message Board
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merry christmas

merry christmas

Did you notice baby's face,
Trying hard at table grace,
Spitting out, wondering why,
Nothing goes in mouth or eye.

Did you notice startled eyes,
When poppers pop, trailers fly,
Christmas lights blink, flash,
New found toys whirl, crash.

Did you notice Grandma's care,
Trying to catch baby’s stare,
Making faces, sucking lips,
Twiddling fingers, making quips.

Tapping Grandpa on the knee,
"Watch that drink! I’m telling thee,
Just one more, that’s enough,
I’ve seen you on that malted stuff."

Then more kids come hustling in,
What a ruckus, what a din,
Don't stand up you'll lose your seat,
Your ageing limbs cannot compete.

Youths and girlfriends then appear,
Showing off their flashy gear,
Drinks all round, giggles to,
Last nights sipping starts anew.

The smell of cooking fills the air,
Tables laid with special care,
Paper hats, tinsel to,
Take your turn, join the queue.

Eating done, tables cleared,
Then some faces disappeared,
Pulling crackers, what’s in this?
Give a tug, make your wish.

That's my toy, don't you dare!
A little friction in the air,
Children squabble then settle down.
Taking note of fathers frown.

Just a glance of Christmas day,
Cheers to all I hope and pray.
The new year brings to everyone.
The well sung words of Lennon’s song.

Give peace a chance.