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Deckson Eagle 80 The last Deckson model imported into Australia.

Deckson Eagle 80 the last of the Deckson line is now up on my site Australian Vintage Mini Bikes.

I was sent the brocure to this mini by John Booth and have both pages available to view.

Pop on over fellas.

Mc Bob.

Age: not important

Re: Deckson Eagle 80 The last Deckson model imported into Australia.

Hi...I used to assemble these bikes at J.Deck and Sons...also my dad was the promo guy...he actually bombed one so hard they took it to the drags and beat a 250cc suzuki road bike...the rider of the eagle was a bloke named Peter Widdison...he stated it wanted to wheelstand the whole distance down the track so he had half his body over the front handle bars to keep it down..I remember riding it myself and it was deadly...couldnt idle it as it would immediately foul the plugs as it was totally built as a one of go hard promo bike...would love to know where it ended up...Dave

Age: 60

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