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Mac's Annual Minibike Yard Sale SoCal 1-23-16

Well people, It's that time of year again.
On Saturday January 23, 2016 I'll be hosting
Mac's 6th Annual Minibike Yard Sale at my home
in Norwalk, California, about 10 miles out of Los Angeles.

All the information is posted on the Los Angeles Craigslist.
I can also be reached using my email address of
Anyone within driving distance should try to make it and spend
some of the morning on the 23rd with other Minibike enthusiasts.

Hoping the rain stays away, but will postpone it until the following
Saturday the 30th if weather gets bad on the scheduled date.

Age: 63

Re: Mac's Annual Minibike Yard Sale SoCal 1-23-16

Thanks to all who attended, it went very well.
Still plenty parts left for next January.

Use this subject title to search YouTube for the videos.

Age: 63

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