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Hi Rhythm'n'Blues Friends!

After the provider of the old message boards has shut down I had to find a new one. Now there's not separate forums for each of the bands web sites I am doing, but one big message board (this one) only. I've thought it's a good idea because in general you all share the interest in the same music genre, so why not sharing the same platform to communicate, right?

I hope you enjoy to come together at this place!
Yours, Gabi

P.S.: Please no dirty talk and such alike! Be nice to each other :o)

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Fake Dr Feelgood test pressings on eBay

Just a quick heads-up to all fellow music collectors.

The seller aliasthecompass is selling FAKE test pressings and fake demo items, the seller identifies herself as Lynne Reed. I bought a Queen item thinking it was a genuine test pressing, but as it turned out - the orginal label had been peeled off, and a new all white label had been attached instead.

And after checking into the sellers activities on eBay, she had bought a stock copy of the Queen single 40 days before she were offering the same item as a test pressing.

I did a quick search on the seller on Google, it turns out she's been operating for quite a while. So it's time to spread the word:

I'm posting this here because the seller is offering fake Dr Feelgood test presings as well.


Country UK

Re: Fake Dr Feelgood test pressings on eBay - by jon - Jul 6, 2009 10:33am
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