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Hi Rhythm'n'Blues Friends!

After the provider of the old message boards has shut down I had to find a new one. Now there's not separate forums for each of the bands web sites I am doing, but one big message board (this one) only. I've thought it's a good idea because in general you all share the interest in the same music genre, so why not sharing the same platform to communicate, right?

I hope you enjoy to come together at this place!
Yours, Gabi

P.S.: Please no dirty talk and such alike! Be nice to each other :o)

Advertising, commercial and non-theme-related messages will become deleted and its poster will be banned from the board. Same happens to people who post aggressive messages without leaving their name and email address. ANONYMOUS POSTED MESSAGES OF NEGATIVE CONTENT WILL BE DELETED (if I like to do so) - Show courage and let us know who you are. Be fair!

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Oh noooo ...

Hi Steve,
Well there goes a tumbleweed and you got your answer about Lew Lewis, so whether Gabi watches the message board or it is a very happy coincidence, I'm not sure. Probably the latter, but hey.
I love Lew as well and only hope he gets it together and finally does that much delayed (over 25 years) sophomore album. I still listen to Save the Wail on a regular basis and Lew certainly has a distinctive if not completely unique approach to the harp.

All the best Lew and cheers!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Oh noooo ... - by Steve Pilkington - May 12, 2008 11:34am
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Oh noooo ... - by Ed - Jun 22, 2008 10:36pm
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