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Proposed Regionals Schedule Comments

There are two changes that I would like to see made in this year's Regionals' schedule.

1) Move small boat YNC events earlier in the day. As Conor said, it is a safety issue for obvious reasons. It is also gives us a higher probability that we stay on schedule, given that a 1xs race would get canceled before an 8s race would if there is inclement weather. Finally, the 8s race is usually the most exciting - so why not have it when everyone is at the course? Is there any championship regatta anywhere that has the V8 final so early in the day? What are our reasons for holding the 8 first?

2) For events with fewer than 7 entries I would like to see a race for lanes. We wouldn't have to seed these events and these athletes would have a chance to race on the course prior to the final. I'm not a big fan of final only. It would only add a couple more races to the schedule.