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[transfer] old man cry after reading, what is the

day, Baiyun restaurants to two guests, a male and a female, forty years old, wear well, a man carrying a travel bag, looks like is a pair of husband and wife out of tourism.
the waiter cheerfully send menu. The man took the menu directly delivered the woman, said: & quot; do you point it, what to eat something." she didn't sac celine even look at a glance, looked up and said to the waiter: " give us a bowl of wonton on the line! "

the waiter a, which has white cloud restaurant to eat wonton? Besides, the restaurant also didn't, she to don't hear clearly, disturbed looked at the woman. The woman repeated her words, next to the man and said: " what to eat wonton, and not money? "

the woman shook his head and said: " I want to eat dumplings! & quot; man lengleleng, see attendant surprised look, very embarrassed to say: " well. Please give us two bowls of wonton."

" " not! The woman hastily added, " just one bowl! " the man was startled, a bowl of how women eat? Look at the man frowned, said: " you are not allowed, all the way michael kors italia All listen to me? "

men don't utter a word, holding hands and leaned back in the chair. Beside the waiter showing a contemptuous smile, I thought: this woman Koumen pull home. Eat wonton restaurant light does not say, two individuals have just one bowl. She rushed woman bielebiezui: " sorry, we are not here to sell wonton, two want to eat or to the outside of the big food stalls to eat! "

the woman listens, feel very surprised, wish: " how could not sell wonton? You are too small is not willing to do business? "

now, restaurant owner Zhang Xianfeng happened to pass, he heard a woman, then flushes the waiter beckoned, the waiter went to complain a way: " the boss, you can see the two person, the only point of wonton to eat, this is not the trouble? "

Zhang Xianfeng smiled, waved at her he also feels very strange: see the couple dressed, should not can't afford to eat people, to estimate what idea. Anyway, business, not to the extrapolation.

he quietly commanded the waiter: " you go out and buy a bowl of wonton sac bottega veneta pas cher back, how much of the money to buy, can checkout a times the money! " he pull up a chair, began to observe the odd couple.

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